9 Ways to Show Someone You Love Them without Words ...


Telling someone you love them, that’s one thing; but when you show someone you love them, that’s a whole other thing. How much weight you add behind this four letter word gives meaning to what you say, simply because the fundamental fact remains that action speaks louder than words. Think back to the times when someone said they loved you and when they backed up their confession with gestures. There’s a difference, isn't there? So, say it, (scratch that), show it. Show someone you love them before it’s too late.

1. Actively Listen

Even the simplest of gestures to show your love can make someone melt like butter on a stack of hot pancakes... and it doesn't get any simpler than listening. Listen to every word that escapes their parted lips even when it seems a little boring. And when they ask you, "Have I told you this before?," say "Yes, but tell it again," and act like you have forgotten a detail or two because they love telling this particular story and they chose you to share it (again)! Don’t be distracted, don’t interrupt, just listen. Listen to show someone you love them.

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