5. Don’t Wait to Be Asked

Part of loving someone is making their life easier. This doesn't always have to be executed in grand gestures, like loaning money to a friend or family member or driving them across the state.

It can be in the small things too, like taking the trash out without being asked, or once in a while doing something for them which they don’t like doing. I hate cleaning the hair out of my hairbrush. It just irks me and I practically cringe my face every time I clean it. I have a friend who noticed this and still cleans it for me despite my protest not to do so.

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Good one
I love this article..!!! Those three magical words would be more miraculous if added by these few gestures.. 😊
This is a well thought out and concise entry. I enjoyed the whole piece. Good work!
Love this ❤️
Beautiful, just beautiful. I love this ;)
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