What πŸ€” Happens to Your Brain 🧠 when You Have Sex πŸ›Œ ...


If you have ever had sex, then you will be well aware of the kinds of things that happen to your nether regions, especially in terms of the amazing sensations that you feel the closer you get to orgasm! However, have you ever taken a second to think about the kinds of things that must be going in inside your head for the all of the physical stuff to be going on the way it does? Our minds are complicated and incredible organs that can do complicated and incredible things! Here is what happens to your brain when you have sex, in particular, why you might feel more attached to someone right after sleeping with them!

1. Hormones

In the aftermath of an orgasm, your body releases a plethora of different hormones, chief among them being oxytocin. This is otherwise known as the β€˜love hormone’, and is linked to things like binding, loyalty, and trust. When your body is coursing with oxytocin, your brain will no doubt trick you into thinking that you are much more in love and attached to a person that you actually might be. You want more of that sexual feeling, and so you continue to go back to the person who provided it to you!

Less Cortisol