7 Super Simple Ways to See a Bad past Relationship in a Positive Light 💕 ...

One of the toughest things is to try to see a bad past relationship in a positive light, simply because of all the negativity we may associate with the person we were with, the hurt feelings that we felt or any other negative aspects of the situation.

However, if you can find a way to see bad past relationships in a positive light, you are making yourself a better person who can look past negativity (that many of us may dwell on) to live with no regrets!

1. He Wasn't Right for You, but That's Okay

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It can be hard to admit that someone wasn't right for us because sometimes we want to think that they are to remove any doubt we may have or feel. But knowing that someone wasn't right for you is perfectly okay to admit because it means you're able to be honest with not just the other person but also yourself!

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