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7 Super Simple Ways to See a Bad past Relationship in a Positive Light ...

By Lucy

One of the toughest things is to try to see a bad past relationship in a positive light, simply because of all the negativity we may associate with the person we were with, the hurt feelings that we felt or any other negative aspects of the situation.

However, if you can find a way to see bad past relationships in a positive light, you are making yourself a better person who can look past negativity (that many of us may dwell on) to live with no regrets!

1 He Wasn't Right for You, but That's Okay

pink, well, It can be hard to admit that someone wasn't right for us because sometimes we want to think that they are to remove any doubt we may have or feel. But knowing that someone wasn't right for you is perfectly okay to admit because it means you're able to be honest with not just the other person but also yourself!

2 It Didn't Work out so Better Things Could Come along

person, black and white, religion, Sometimes,, things, Bad things happen to all of us, we all have bad experiences and bad relationship with other people - that's something we can all relate to, so please don't feel like you're alone! Bad past relationships suck and they can be hard and challenging, but the thing to remember is that it didn't work out for a reason: so that better things could come into your life and have a better chance of working out!


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3 It Was a True Learning Experience

person, nose, hairstyle, singer, profession, Even though sometimes it can be tempting to dwell on a bad past relationship and all the negative, nasty things that happened and how badly it hurt us, it's better to see it as a learning experience which taught you many new things. Think about it - it taught you what kind of person you are and how you handle, respond and react to tough situations, what kind of person you're compatible with and which you aren't, what you look for in a relationship and what you don't, what qualities you admire in potential partners and which you may want to avoid in the future!

4 It Made You Who You Are Today

clothing, person, man, tuxedo, conversation, Everything that happens in our lives contributes to the person that we are today, every feeling, memory, thought and experience we've had all matters because it's what makes you...well, you! You may have a bad memory of this past relationship that didn't turn out how you hoped, but it's something you can honestly say you've experienced and it's helped shape you as the person you are right now! You wouldn't be who you are today if things had, in fact, worked out differently with that past relationship.

5 It Made You Much Stronger and More Resilient

person, photo caption, blond, official, profession, What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, that's for sure! Every tough situation or bad relationship you've had the misfortune of enduring will give you something positive to appreciate: you will be so much more emotionally stronger than you ever were before it happened. Now that you have this experience, you'll be able to face much more and get through much more while slowly being less and less affected by the negative aspects as you go!

6 It's Not Something to Regret

hair, facial expression, nose, black hair, emotion, Regrets are easily made when something happens a different way than what we wanted it to, but living with regrets isn't a great way to life live either. Try to limit your regrets by thinking of all the positive aspects that come from a bad situation or a broken relationship. Every cloud has a silver lining so now it's time to find yours!

7 Some People Aren't Meant to Be Together

person, black and white, facial expression, black hair, emotion, We're all such different people with different values, beliefs and views. This may prevent us from being compatible with each other but you know what? There's nothing wrong with that! There's nothing wrong with admitting that you weren't meant to be with that person and that's why things didn't work out in your past relationship. This is probably the most logic explanation you can give yourself in order to move onto bigger and better things!

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