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What You do after a Breakup According to Your Zodiac Sign ...

By Melly

Here’s a stone cold fact, breakups suck! Even if you are the one who initiated the split, it doesn’t mean that you are going to feel completely fine and dandy afterwards. Even if things got bad at the end, you still must have liked your ex enough to get with them in the first place, so to reckon with these emotions we all tend to do a range of difference and interesting things! Here is what you do after a breakup according to your zodiac sign.

1 Aries

You instinctively do a deep spring clean of your home in order to get rid of any trace of your ex from your surroundings. You can’t move forward with your life until you feel cleansed.

2 Taurus

You will be the one calling and texting your ex at three in the morning trying to talk things through, not necessarily because you want to get back together, but because you can’t move on until you have every tiny answer and reason.

3 Gemini

You will do something drastic like change your hairstyle or completely change your fashion. It’s about putting a full stop on your old life with your ex and moving into the future a new woman.

4 Cancer

You will feel most strongly that you want to try to win them back, but you need friends around you to let you know that this is never a good idea! Left to your own devices you stand the change of embarrassing yourself.

5 Leo

You will attack your social media platforms like crazy, posting all of your best pictures and making it seem like you are living your absolute best life on the off chance that your ex comes along to have a look at your profile!

6 Virgo

You are the kind of girl who needs to exact revenge. You will find yourself plotting your ex’s downfall, thinking of ways that you can embarrass him the way that he has embarrassed you!

7 Libra

You will take a long time to get over your breakup, you are the kind of girl who will mope about in the sweater that he left behind until your BFF comes round and slaps some sense in to you!

8 Scorpio

You will be that girl who becomes obsessed with stalking your ex’s social media accounts to see what he is doing in the aftermath of the breakup. You are more concerned with his actions than your own!

9 Sagittarius

You completely shut down and try to blank the relationship out of your mind. Some girls like to talk things out with their friends, but you prefer to just act like it never even happened in the first place.

10 Capricorn

You need a lot of emotional support to get through a breakup, so the likelihood is that you will probably go home for a couple of days to get some much needed TLC from your mother!

11 Aquarius

You will act super casual on the outside, but on the inside you will be working out a way to ruin your ex’s life!

12 Pisces

You are the kind of person who channels their emotions through creativity, so you will probably get to drawing, painting, or writing to heal your wounds.

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