How to Get over Him According to Your Zodiac Sign ...

By Melly

How to Get over Him According to Your Zodiac Sign ...

Unless you are incredibly lucky and you found true love at your first turn at the rodeo, then it’s pretty likely that you are going to have an ex or two! Breaking up with someone is never easy and it’s never enjoyable, even if you know that it is the right thing to do at the time. One of the most interesting things about human beings is that we all have different coping mechanisms and ways of dealing with drama and heartache. Here is how to get over your ex according to your zodiac sign.

1 Aries

You need to come to terms with the fact that he was so self-centred that you were never going to be his number one priority, no matter what you did. It wasn’t your fault.

2 Taurus

Just take advantage of the fact that you are now able to do whatever you like whenever you like; you didn’t realise at the time just how controlling he was.

3 Gemini

There was always something in the back of your mind about not wanting to live in such in a conventional relationship. Now that you are single you can start getting over him by expanding your horizons and looking for something different. Polyamory? Same sex partner? Whatever floats your boat!

4 Cancer

Just think about all the times that he treated you like a personal therapist rather than a partner. You deserve more than just being used as vessel to vent someone’s frustrations.

5 Leo

Remember how he used to ignore you all the time, and have more love for yourself by recognising that you deserve to be the centre of attention in terms of your partner’s interest!

6 Virgo

Rediscover your fun side and start enjoying your social life again. Your ex was really a downer when it came to being sociable and wanting to leave the house.

7 Libra

Just take a second to remember how tight he was with his finances. When was the last time he treated you to a gift that wasn’t an obligatory birthday or holiday present?

8 Scorpio

The end of the relationship got very claustrophobic and suffocating, so just take some time to enjoy being free without the weight of a stress-inducing partner on your shoulders.

9 Sagittarius

You can see it now that you are out of it, but he was super immature in his behaviour and sense of humour. Get over him by spending time in the company of other proper adults.

10 Capricorn

Spend time with people who are actually interested in your mind, rather than your ex who you now realise was only interested in your looks.

11 Aquarius

Get back up to your own level of intelligence, because what you now realise is that he was dragging you down to his for the whole relationship.

12 Pisces

He will probably try to get you back, but you need to be strong and block him from all of the apps and profiles in your life because you will soon realise that you are better off without him, and only stayed with him for so long because he was clingy.

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