7 Signs 🚨 You Need to Walk Away 👋🏼 from Your Dead-end 🗑 Relationship 💔 ...


It's hard to know when to walk away from a relationship. There are financial implications, as well as the potential loss of your social circle.

If you have children together that adds another world of complications. For these reasons and many more, we often stay in relationships way after their sell-by date.

Here's how to know when to walk away from a relationship before things get even worse.

1. Your Partner Has Cheated… More than Once

Most of us have the capacity to understand that the human brain is not always in charge of the heart and of our sex drive. We could have the capacity to forgive when our partner does something that is outside the boundaries of our relationship, like sleeping with someone else. But our capacity for forgiveness is limited… as it should be. If your partner cheats on you more than once, you need to know and accept that he or she is not going to change. If you are okay with this, stay. If not, move on. No amount of begging or reasoning will change your partner’s behavior. This behavior will continue no matter how many promises he or she makes to you.

You Don’t Talk … Anymore


Donnabelle Garcia
True love for your woman is not to leave her when the times she on tough situations
Donnabelle Garcia
If the man really loves you he need to give his support until you will change and get healed especially if you having a kids, no matter what.
Oluseye Oluwadamilola Moyosoreoluwa
This is so true
It's the same advise, if you are not happy your kids aren't happy either
What if u have kids 😱
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