Warning Signs You're Not as into Your New Relationship as You Once Thought ...

By Heather

Warning Signs You're Not as into Your New Relationship as You Once Thought ...

The idea is that you get into a relationship because you like or love the person you're with and you want to be in one. That's not true for everybody, though. Sometimes, people end up in relationships just because they don't want to be alone. Sometimes, they force themselves into one even though it's not right. Sometimes, things seem really great at first, but then they start to realize that they're not really happy at all. The point is, there are lots of reasons why someone might discover that they don't dig their new relationship. These are some of the biggest warning signs.

1 Not Only do You Never Have Anything to Talk about

emotion, brown hair, book, gossip, girlhere, Not one single thing – in fact, some days you'd be happy if you never had to talk to you partner again.

2 But You Don't Really Want to Talk to Your Partner Either

person, emotion, This, place, fancy, There will probably come a point where everything your boyfriend/girlfriend says irritates, angers, or annoys you.

3 You Make Excuses Not to Hang out Together

speech, You'll do anything to avoid spending time together, even if it means going shopping for shoes with your mom or going to the gym when you absolutely hate the gym.

4 You Prefer Going out with Your Friends

person, profession, singing, need, gallon, You want to spend your free time with people who interest you, and more often than not, that ends up being your friends, not your boo.

5 You Never Really Care What Your Partner is Doing

May, please, excused?, He/she could be cheating on you or running away to Alaska for all you care.

6 You Spend More Time Arguing than Actually Talking

person, film, singing, eortkotyperry, HOWFASCINATING, Because, again, you just don't have anything to talk about, and at least arguments break up the monotony.

7 You're Not Really into Having Sex at All

person, profession, Why, not, draglitout, To be honest, there's a book you'd rather be reading.

8 And You Look for Ways to Get out of Being Intimate

person, Thank, you,, alcohol., You'll make any excuse, even if it involves acting like your period just lasted for a full month.

9 You've Stopped Learning Things about Your Partner

City, person, facial expression, black and white, film noir, You just don't care to learn anything new because nothing is even impressing you anymore.

10 You Don't Volunteer Any New Information, Either

hair, person, woman, facial expression, hairstyle, Likewise, it just doesn't seem worth the time to reveal anything new about yourself.

11 When You Make Plans, You Rarely Include Your Boyfriend/girlfriend

meal, You don't care what your partner's doing, after all, and you'd rather have fun and be free for a little while.

12 There's No Joy or Contentment when You're Together

person, black and white, film noir, emotion, gonna, Anytime you're in the same space, everything just feels heavy, oppressive, and negative.

13 You Just Don't Feel Comfortable with Your Partner or in the Relationship

person, singing, art, singer, stage, You're not comfortable in your own skin, and you may even feel bad about yourself.

14 You Feel Angry or Sad Constantly

hair, blond, finger, red hair, think, You can't even remember what it was like to feel happy with the person you're dating.

15 You Spend a Lot of Time Complaining about Your Relationship

person, human action, speech, singing, SUPER, Not only that, but you've noticed that there are more things to complain about than there are things to be happy about.

16 Everything Your Partner Does Irritates You

person, profession, molesfoe, fox, bnoxiou, The way he breathes, the way she chews, his habit of leaving his dirty clothes all over the floor, her tendency to leave soda cans everywhere...

17 You're Starting to Act like You're Single

person, profession, You're not just harmlessly looking anymore. Now it's a struggle to resist flirting with or chatting up other people.

'Fess up, girls. Did you ever find yourself in a relationship that you just hated?

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I don't know how to move on from this and idk how I can cope up

And I love him so much so I don't wanna leave him either @sammi

In which case, I would simply overconfidently look at him with BIG eyes & say something flirty again. It will at least plant the seed in his brain that you can be fun. And guys like fun!

@Sammi Anderson his mind is on me... Probably he's learnt his mistake. But I hope she isn't doing anything and neither him

Any more tips?

girls. of course if hes hanging out with her all the time and being very flirtatious then thats a real problem and you have to discuss this camly with him. maybe something like you dont ming when hes out with friends as long as you get to know when and

I don't think there should be a friendship between boys and girls. I mean they can be friend, but be careful if they're "bestfriend" cause you'll never know what could happen. I agree with Sammi about the move she suggested, it might give u a clue

I had to call him handsome for a school play. I asked him if he thought I meant it he just looked at the ground. Then I had to call him 'my master' everyone you know got the wrong idea. Oh and everyday when I walk into call we make eye contact😊 it's -

Can anyone help me with my relationship?1

We both fight a lot but love each other so much. He says to break up when he's very very paused off but I say it's fine and we're still together

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