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Warning Signs You're Dating below Your Maturity Level ...

By Lyndsie

I honestly think this happens to everyone at some point. No matter what your sexuality, you're bound to date someone who's not quite as mature as you. Sometimes it's really obvious, too. That can often be what leads to a breakup, although that's not always the case – immaturity may be your thing, or your partner may mature over time. Still, if you're starting to wonder about your little love muffin, it's worth it to figure out if you're dating someone who's below your maturity level.

1 S/he Plays Pranks on You

person, 4GIFs, Com, There's really nothing wrong with a good prank, but you have to admit, pranking isn't quite the epitome of maturity. Of course, pranks can be wickedly clever, even brilliant, but the whole idea is a bit childlike. I personally think that's charming, but not everyone feels the same way.

2 S/he Isn't Exactly Honest All the Time

black and white, film noir, portrait photography, emotion, darkness, Not everyone who tells lies is immature and not everyone who's immature will tell lies, but the two do intersect from time to time. They range from little white lies to big, fat whoppers. Does it indicate immaturity in your partner? That really depends on the nature of the lies – and the nature of your partner, of course.


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3 Her/his Priorities Are Messed up

person, hair, hairstyle, emotion, profession, This can definitely be a sign of immaturity – and I know that well because I exhibited it for an embarrassingly long amount of time. Heather helped me get over this, thank goodness, and now I like to think that I have my priorities in perfect order. Hey, the good news is that there's definitely hope. Even the most immature among us have room for improvement.

4 There is a Bit of Drama over Everything

hair, person, hairstyle, profession, RAM, Drama isn't always indicative immaturity, but it certainly can point to it. If it's constant, neverending drama, then yeah, you most likely have a problem. How much does it affect your partner's life? Does it affect different aspects of her or his life? Drama can have some far-reaching implications, and they ain't always pretty.

5 Career? Yeah Right

Career? Yeah Right This might be laziness or a complete lack of ambition, but you can't deny that immaturity factors in a little. At a certain stage, you have to do something productive, especially if you're in a relationship.

6 S/he Isn't Self-motivated at All

Achmea Health Center, person, emotion, profession, book, If that lack of ambition extends to a lack of motivation, as well, that … well, it ain't great. If your partner doesn't clean up after her or himself and expects to be waited on hand and foot, you're gonna have a bad time.

7 Emotional Maturity? Nope

minIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII, rrrrrrrrrrrrrmm, ウーー, TTnmrT, Oh, this one is a sure sign of immaturity. Emotions sometimes take longer to mature, but a little growth and evolution are preferable to complete stagnation. There's always hope that your partner will become more emotionally mature, of course, and there's also hope that you yourself will somehow be a good example. Still, though, if your babycakes lacks emotional maturity, then s/he's probably not quite at your maturity level.

Like say, just because you're dating someone a bit less mature than you, that doesn't mean it won't last. Again, it might even be your thing. What you do in this situation is entirely up to you. Tell us, though, have you ever dated someone who was way less mature than you?

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