7 Classic Reasons Why He Doesn't like You Back πŸ™… for Girls Who Feel Insecure πŸ˜©πŸ’” ...


If your crush doesn't like you back, it doesn't mean that you're undesirable. He could be turning you down for a dozen different reasons, none of which have anything to do with your personality or level of attractiveness. Sometimes, things just don't work out. Don't put yourself down if your crush doesn't like you back, because here are a few potential reasons why he doesn't want to go out with you:

1. He Has a Girlfriend

If he already has a girlfriend, then it's not your fault that he doesn't like you back. If he cheated on his girlfriend or left her for you, is that really the type of guy you want to be with? You need to date someone loyal, which means you should set your sights on a single guy. Don't aim to ruin anyone's relationship.

He Has Bad Taste


If any one can please help me or give adviceπŸ™πŸ»here's my situation. I've been texting with this guys for 9months now. Everyday he will text me first, occasionally I will. We hangout with our small group of friends a lot and sometimes alone.
All these points make sense, in my case though, it could either be #1 or it's still early days... 😊
I agree with number one 100% I liked a guy before but he has a girlfriend. So for now on I'm just doing me for a while until a guy "unexpectedly" walks into my life :-P
Shilpi Rasheda
Wow! Great article. I agree with u :)
Melba Marcela
Sometimes, when we are trying to find someone, we could get lost ourselves and think that he is the ideal person for us, maybe we are looking into looks, success, stability. And maybe it so does happe...
Francesca Rose
You can't force anyone to like you. Just be yourself and the right person will come around. Just do you...
peony blue
Wow great article let and so true. We tend to internalise our feelings and it might not have anything to do with us. Very true article. Liked it.
number one is the most prevailing reason..single girls should only date a undeniably single man..if he has existing relationship but just trying to hide to impress or any reasons, regardless, a wise g...
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