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Top 10 Tips for the Best Sex with a Libra Man ...

By Melly

If there is one thing I know about star signs, it is that they can have a massive impact on the way we behave and the way that we respond to other people, even if you don’t think that you believe in their power! Whether they like it or not, people play into the stereotypes of their zodiac sign even if they don’t know that they are actually doing so, and there has never been a clearer place this happens than in the bedroom! Here are 10 top tips for having the best sex with a Libra man.

1 Adventure

Boring is a word that Libras are allergic to, so whatever you end up getting up to in bed, you better make sure that it is adventurous and fun and the complete opposite of normal or mundane!

2 Dirty Talk

He loves communication in all areas of life, and the bedroom is no exception! Dirty talk is something that really gets him off, so work on fine-tuning your sexy voice and your creative lines.

3 Morning Sex

He is a real morning person, so if you want to catch him at his most energetic and excitable, morning sex is something that you are going to have to get into on a regular basis.

4 Bum

The part he loves most about you in a physical sense is almost certainly going to be your bum, so make sure that you emphasise it and make the most of your natural curves when you are being intimate with him.

5 Ambience

Ambience is very important to a Libra. He likes to know that the stage is perfectly set for his performance, so make sure you’ve got the best music, the best lighting, and the best bed sheets!

6 Equal Pleasure

It’s very important for a Libra to know that they are giving as much pleasure as they are receiving, so make sure that you spend equal amounts of time pleasuring one another in order to have the most fun.

7 Massage

Libra guys want as much physical contact as possible, so a good way to satisfy this is by starting off your session with a full body massage before moving on to more intimate things!

8 Cat and Mouse

There is something about the nature of cat and mouse that really turns Libras on, so play in to it and make yourself available to be chased. The longer it goes on, the higher the tension will ramp up!

9 Lingerie

He is very stimulated by visual appeal, and nothing is more visually appealing that the sight of a sexy woman in equally sexy lingerie.

10 Dominant

He tends to be the strong, silent, dominant type in his everyday life, and people like this are often tempted to try being the submissive one in the bedroom to make a change from the norm. Have a go at being dominant over him to see how he reacts.

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