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Top 10 Tips for the Best Sex with a Pisces Man ...

By Melly

Have you ever been having sex with your partner and felt like something wasn’t completely clicking? Making sure that both people are having an equal amount of fun and satisfaction can be a tricky thing to do, especially if you have different personalities. As you know, our personalities can be mostly defined by our star signs, so why don’t you refer to horoscopes to see if you can pick up some advice about your situation? Here are 10 top tips for having the best sex with a Pisces man.

1 Gentle

Pisces men much prefer the gentle side of sex to the overly aggressive side. Of course, he can get in the mood for special occasions now and then, but on the whole, he gets most turned on by an affectionate, soft kind of lovemaking.

2 Friendship

A Pisces guy can perform best sexually when he feels like he really has a soulmate and best friend in his bed. The emotional connection is one of the most important things for him to feel.

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3 Expressive

You need to be able to match his expressiveness in the bedroom because that is the way that he feels he is doing a good job. Make sure to give him lots of vocal affirmation and tell him how good his making you feel.

4 Ambience

The ambience is a very important thing for a Pisces. He will be able to perform to his best ability if the scene and mood is set just right. The perfect music, the perfect lighting ... all that good stuff!

5 Generous

He is an incredibly generous lover, so sometimes your only job will be to lay back and allow him to shower you with all of the physical affection that he can. You are almost like a canvas that he wants to paint a sexy picture on!

6 Feet

There is a huge chance that a Pisces guy will probably have a bit of a thing for feet! Keep this in mind and make sure that you are nicely pedicured. Test the waters and see if he responds positively to your tootsies!

7 Opposites Attract

For a Pisces and their sexual preferences, it really is a case of opposites attract. In terms of sexual compatibility, a Virgo is the sign that is destined to have the most chemistry and most exciting sex with him.

8 Music

I mentioned it briefly in the ambience chat, but it’s worth repeating again that Pisces guys really respond the emotion of music in the bedroom. A sexy playlist can make all the difference for getting him in the mood.

9 Positive Vibes

If you criticise a Pisces’ technique in the bedroom, he really will shrink back into himself and shut off emotionally. Be careful about constructing your feedback so that you don’t hurt his feelings.

10 Tease

He might have the tendency to tease you in bed, but only that is only because he doesn’t always have the courage and conviction to follow through with all of his actions and moves!

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