7 Wonderful Day Trips to Take with Your Date ...


Have you ever wondered about day trips to take with your date? Finding the right mood and environment to suit your personalities can be a bit overwhelming. Are you adventurous, shy, or romantic? I’m pretty adventurous and enjoy day trips with my date. If you are like me and pretty unsure (in the beginning) of places to go or things to do here is a list day trips to take with your date.

1. Rock Climbing, if You’re Adventurous

Rock Climbing, if You’re Adventurous

If you are like me then you are quite competitive. Perhaps it’s my Aries nature or just my personality. Who knows, but for someone like me a wonderful day trip with my date includes much physical activity and a little competition like rock climbing (love it!) or parasailing. For me, action and adventure are incredibly sexy and a little romantic. Kicking that date into unexpected gear and finding out what your date is made of is the reason why a rock climbing adventure is first on this list of day trips to take with your date.

Hiking! Because Just Walking Isn’t Enough


Monica Scott
Good ideas.
I'm a sucker for a day trip to the zoo 🐢🐒🐘
Janet L Davis
I LOL'd when I read the museum suggestion:) Nice to know I'm not the only 1 whose voice "booms out" over everyone else's..... Loved that reveal about the author....
Shirley Ponnaiya
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