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Your boyfriend deserves to be treated with respect, just like you do. However, if you've been dating him for a while, it's easy to forget to pay him little common courtesies. That's why you should try to treat him just like you did when you first met. If you're not sure how to do that, here are some common courtesies you should always pay your boyfriend:

1. Don't Order the Most Expensive Thing on the Menu

When your boyfriend takes you out to dinner with the intention of paying for the both of you, you shouldn't order the lobster with a side of steak. If he encourages you to order a certain meal, then it's fine to do so. But if you know he's low on cash and see that he's getting the cheapest thing on the menu, then you should do him a favor and try to order something cheap as well.

Thank Him when He Does You a Favor


Lois Harach
And, nothing without him. He's continually built me up, when others tore me down. We met when I answered an ad for a sewing machine table in his antique store. We talked off and on for an hour. Then, after he got home from work, and we talked all evening
Lois Harach
Ive been with my husband 22 and 1/2 years. We still extend the same courtesies towards each other as we did on our first days together. He's a wonderful husband, but more than that, he's the best friend I've ever had! I'm safe with him. And, nothing.
I am in total agreement with these pointers. The dimple things matter. Awesome!!!!
I agree with this, I think we as women should think of our boyfriends too. We all know that they not perfect and that they are a pain MOST OF THE TIME, lol but they deserve respect and appreciation too... ;)
Mosasurus Price
People seem to forget the most common sense and the things that really make a difference in their relationships he's your boyfriend he wants to know that you appreciate him and the things he does for you
Isabella Coles
"It's also a great idea to buy his parents gifts for their birthdays and on holidays, especially if you're going to be spending the day with them." I don't necessarily agree with this as my fiancΓ©'s ...
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