17 Deals You Should Make with Your Boyfriend ...

By Holly

17 Deals You Should Make with Your Boyfriend ...

You and your man need to agree on a few things if you want to last. That's why you should sit down with him and have a serious discussion about how you expect each other to behave. If you're not quite sure what to say to him, here are a few deals you should make with your boyfriend if you want a healthier relationship:

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1 To Never Keep Secrets

To Never Keep Secrets Unless he's trying to hide your birthday gift from you, he should never lie to you. You two need to be open with each other about everything, even when it's difficult.

2 To Tell Each Other Where You’re Going

To Tell Each Other Where You’re Going If you go out with your friends, text him to let him know where you are. He should return the favor by giving you updates on where he is, as well.

3 To Alternate Who Pays

To Alternate Who Pays It isn't fair for him to always be the one picking up the bill. That's why you should agree to alternate paying, just like you should alternate doing the dishes and taking out the garbage.

4 To Stop Threatening Each Other

To Stop Threatening Each Other Don't threaten to leave him, and definitely don't threaten to hurt him. It's the worst thing you could ever do.

5 To Always Be Honest

To Always Be Honest If you ask him if he likes your dress, he should give you his honest answer. Its better than having him say what he thinks you want to hear.

6 To Stop Bringing up Old Fights

To Stop Bringing up Old Fights Once a fight is over, you should put it in the past. If you keep rehashing old arguments, you'll never have a healthy relationship.

7 To Wait to Watch Shows Together

To Wait to Watch Shows Together If you two always watch Game of Thrones together, don't watch ahead without him. Unless he gives you permission, stick to tradition.

8 To Show Each Other off

To Show Each Other off You should be proud of each other. That's why you should brag about each other whenever you can.

9 To Compromise

To Compromise Whenever you have a fight, you should try to work through it like adults. That means you should compromise, instead of letting one person have their way.

10 To Text Everyday

To Text Everyday You might not see each other every single day, but you should at least talk every single day. It doesn't matter if you call, Skype, or text, as long as you hear from each other.

11 To Keep Private Things Private

To Keep Private Things Private Don't tell your friends all the details about the hot sex you had. Some things should stay between you and your boyfriend.

12 To Be Nice to Each Other’s Family

To Be Nice to Each Other’s Family Even if you can't stand his mother, you need to suck it up and deal with her. If you love him, you'll put aside your differences and be civil.

13 To Share Food

To Share Food If you order dessert, you should offer him a bite. He should do the same.

14 To Make Your Relationship a Priority

To Make Your Relationship a Priority If you want to last as a couple, you need to put him before anything else. That doesn't mean you should quit your job and drop your friends. It just means you can't neglect him.

15 To Always Say How You Feel

To Always Say How You Feel He deserves to hear the truth. Don't hold anything back, because he wants to know how you're feeling.

16 To Let Each Other Have Time with Friends

To Let Each Other Have Time with Friends You can't be together constantly. That's why you shouldn't be angry when he goes off to have fun with his guy friends once a week.

17 To Stop Accusing Each Other

To Stop Accusing Each Other Don't accuse him of cheating, or of hating you, until you have proof. People hate to have words thrown into their mouths. Listen to what he has to say before you make accusations.

If you want your relationship to last a lifetime, you need to make certain deals with each other. Do you and your boyfriend live by these rules?

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Trouble is, my best friends are guys:/

I feel differently... especially because it's a scientific fact that we tell "little white lies" to our partners every day of the week. That said, of course he's not going to tell you that dress makes you look fat! "Where are you going?", "Oh, you forgot to text me when you went to check the mail and take Schnookums out for a poo-poo!", etc. is going to absolutely suffocate men... and that's not going to work. Wouldn't we hate it? Besides, how can you text him when you're getting a mani-pedi and texting your gf's in- between? 😉 Get the gist? I've seen open relationships last years, ones with a little more secrecy hold on for longer than we've been born- regardless of your age! Trust me, there's a pearl of wisdom in remembering that whether it comes to diet, coffee, movies, or relationships, to each HER own.

Another thing should be to never get your priorities mixed up. If you truly love him, then please, please don't forget about his feelings and end up unintentionally ignoring him. I learned this the hard way...

Great advide😊

I tried teaching Mt ex these things but he just didn't think he had 2 let me know when he went out on the town nor did he think communication everyday was important. Too bad. Had 2 let it go.


Done some of these and it's the same result.

Well never be an open book either they cant know everything!

Good advice

Btw how does one put their image in?! Tried!

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