20 Common Sexual Fetishes That Aren't That Weird πŸ‘΅πŸ‘ƒπŸŽˆ ...


There are tons of common fetishes πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‹πŸ˜— out there that might seem strange, but really, they aren't.

If you are worried that your common sexual fetish is too weird 😡 to reveal to your friends (or even your partner πŸ’‘), don't worry!2

I've got the top common fetishes that might seem a little strange, but truthfully, you aren't alone if this is what gets you off! πŸ’“ πŸ’– πŸ’˜

1. Anililagnia, Aka an Attraction to Much Older Women

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This one looks like it would be weird, right?

This is actually one of the most common fetishes out there.

Anililagnia is an attraction for older women – usually women who are much older than yourself.

There are tons of guys (and girls!) who find older women attractive and seek them out.

So if you have a thing for older women then Anililagnia is one of your fetishes!

2. Pygophilia, Aka Sexual Excitement Caused by Butts


Are you obsessed with butts?

Do the buttocks really appeal to you sexually?

That's what Pygophilia is all about!

This common fetish is actually not that weird or strange.

In fact, I think that most people have this particular fetish somewhere inside of them!

Tons of men and women go gaga for JLo and Kim Kardashian's ample behinds, so it's definitely not strange!2

3. Trichophilia, Aka Arousal Inspired by Hair

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Trichophilia is a sexual fetish where a person is aroused by hair.

It typically refers to the hair on the head but can include chest hair or other hair on the body.

This sexual fetish is common in both men and women.

For example, men might like the feel of long, silky hair on their body and a woman might enjoy the feel of a man's stubble.

Do you think you could be a trichophiliac?

4. Katoptronophilia, Aka a Desire to Have Sex in Front of a Mirror


I think a lot of people can identify with this, right?

In fact, I think a lot of us may have hints of this fetish – you may not want to watch yourself in a mirror all the time, but occasionally, it's fun, sexy, and kind of kinky, right?

Knismolagnia, Aka an Arousal to Being Tickled
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