3. His Friends Tease Him More than Usual

Ladies, listen up: when his best buds can’t stop chuckling and nudging him toward you, it’s clear that he’s been talking about you.

If he’s enduring some heavy teasing, it only means that he’s told them all about your glossy hair and obsession with “Pretty Little Liars”.

Bad for them, but oh-so-good for you!

He Pays Attention


Hi! I've had a huge crush on this guy ever since September when he added me on Facebook and I started talking to him on Facebook chat. We have 4 out of 6 classes together at school, so I see him a loooot during the school day. Back in September and October I would always catch him staring at me! I would look up and he would be staring at me every single time. I didn't know how to react so I usually looked quickly away. We would have occasional conversations on Facebook and I started regularly walking with him and his other friend to the last period of the day, which is our sport. Our school recently had a dance and he was asked by his close friend who is a girl and whom I had no idea had a thing for him. Maybe she doesn't but just asked him to the dance. He was getting teased about her by his friends last week and the dance was yesterday. He would smirk whenever he was getting teased but he still treats me like he may have a thing for me (or maybe it's all in my head). There is another guy that I am starting to like ever since the first guy was asked (I felt like I had to move on) but my question is should I try to talk to the first guy more or should I move on? Thank you :)
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