3. Butterfly Kiss


A seriously close up kiss - when you get close to the person's face and your eyelashes physically connect with one another.

Spiderman Kiss


Vina Nguyen
I wish that me and my boyfriend have the French kiss and other romantic ways coz we only kiss each other during sex lol
Just saying,that pic of Zayn and Perrie gave me feels 😩
Isabella Coles
Pretty sure I've ticked off most on this list :P and lots of eskimo kisses lol!
peony blue
So erotic...πŸ’₯
My man and I do them all, it's just natural for us. The French kiss was the only awkward one at first though. He's the only one I've been comfortable to do that with.
Sorry I repeated myself about the puppy! Early onset senile dementia...hopefully you ladies get the idea...
Neecey, I think this is your best post, ever😊 Kisses are like snowflakes, no two are ever the same, and it takes two to share them! A man who doesn't like to kiss? Well, it's like the difference be...
Warning ; don't read this at nigh or alone you WILL get in your feelings
Kiss is a kiss no matter what u name it and love them all!
The lip gloss one doesn't seem realistic, lol!
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