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Expert Tips for Girls Who Want to Be Better at Tongue Kissing ...

By Heather

Ah, the fine art of kissing – because, make no mistake, stalkers, it IS a fine art. It seems so easy, you know? A kiss is so simple and the movies make it look so romantic – and it is, but kissing takes some talent. And French kissing? That's another subject altogether. See, tongue kissing is absolutely pleasurable. It's sensual, it's sexy, and when it's done well, you're either left with the perfect make-out sesh or some excellent foreplay. Some people are born with a talent for tongue kissing and some people aren't, but that's okay because you can learn! Start with these expert tips, which will not only make you so much better at tongue kissing but will also make you the queen of kissing!

1 Make Sure You Keep Your Head Tilted to One Side

So, the first tip doesn't even involve your tongue, nor does it involve kissing. You can't just jump in with both feet and start stabbing with your tongue, you know. First things first: you have to get the logistics right, and that means positioning yourself correctly. There's nothing less sexy or romantic than going in for a kiss and bashing your nose against your partner's. Keep your head at an angle and you won't have to worry about getting a bloody nose or accidentally kissing your partner's nostril.

2 Keep That Pout Relaxed and Languid

Loose, relaxed lips are one if the keys to a perfect tongue kiss. Holding your lips tight, retracting them, or keeping them tense will make the kissing experience unpleasant for both of you. Your kisses won't be as soft, supple, or sensual, plus you might end up banging your teeth against your partner's, and that's not fun for anyone.

3 Gradually Intensify the Pressure as You Go

Again, there's absolutely no reason for you to treat your tongue like a weapon and start blindly stabbing with it! Kisses are gradual. They're meant to tease a little. So, start off using barely-there, featherlight pressure, so your lips very softly brush over your partner's. Let the tip of your tongue swipe a little. Maybe outline his/her lips, then go in for a full, firm press. Do the same once your tongues finally get involved.

4 A Little Tongue Goes a Long Way

In fact, even though it's called tongue kissing, that doesn't mean that you have to go crazy with your tongue. Use just a little tongue and keep it subtle at first. It's not about thrusting or plunging. No one really, honestly, truly wants to choke on someone else's tongue.

5 Take the Time to Explore

Tongue kissing should involve more than just tongues. Try a few little licks, running your tongue over your partner's teeth, or even over the roof of his/her mouth – that's sure to cause some shivers! You don't need to start feeling around for cavities or anything, but taking the time to explore your lover's mouth is always worthwhile.

6 Always Keep Things Fresh

So, you've gone in for a little taste with your tongue. Perfect! Now pull it back a bit. Switch it up. Give your partner's lower lip a little nip, maybe even a suckle. You could also capture your partner's upper or lower lip between both of yours and give it a little lick. At some points, you may even want to take a breather and pay some attention to your partner's neck, throat, or ear.

7 Pay Attention to Your Partner's Signals

You always have to be in tune with your partner, especially when you're kissing. Pay attention to all the little nonverbal signs and signals. With time and practice, you'll be able to tell when you're using too much tongue or not enough, when you're not taking enough breathing breaks, or when you do something your partner really, really loves!

How about you, ladies? Have any other tips for becoming an outstanding kisser? Give 'em up!

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