Easy Steps to Being a Better Kisser ...

By Sici

Easy  Steps  to Being a Better  Kisser  ...

I'm going to give you some easy steps to being a better kisser. Until the time when you are old enough and mature enough to have sex with someone, the biggest part of a young person’s romantic life is kissing! Kissing and the detailed art behind it takes up a lot of thought time in your pre-teen and early teen years, but it might be fair to say that as you get older and start to experience more advanced physical activity, attention to kissing can get put on the back burner. We don’t think this should be the way, though, as kissing remains an important part of romance no matter what age you happen to be! If you have been guilty of neglecting your kissing game of late, then follow these easy steps to being a better kisser.

1 Pre-Flirting

You need to work on building up the anticipation of a kiss so that it feels better when it finally does happen. Lots of hand holding, witty banter, and lingering gazes are all things that can create electricity in a couple, and that electricity can be ignited when you finally lean in for that kiss. It’s just as much about what you do before as what you do during! And that's the first of the easy steps to being a better kisser so keep reading for more.

2 Be Confident

Don’t be afraid to make the first move, because confidence is sexy! Of course, make sure that you are sure the person is going to be receptive of your advance, but once you have been given the signal, don’t hesitate, lean in and start making the magic happen!

3 Lip Prep

Nobody wants to be kissed by a pair of dry, flaky lips! Make sure that you always have a kiss friendly balm on hand to make your smackers feel nice and smooth. You want to avoid products that are too sticky or too smudge-prone.

4 Relax

Nothing can ruin a sexy mood like awkward tension and body language. Try to make yourself as relaxed as possible. Take a few deep breaths. Being truly comfortable with someone is the best sign that you should be kissing them anyway!

5 Start Slow

Don’t jump in and try to put your tongue straight down their throat! Start off slowly with a few gentle pecks, and let the person lead you and dictate the pace. Don’t try anything too crazy right off the bat, just ease into it and react off of their own movements to create some good chemistry.

6 Use Your Hands

Don’t let your arms hang down by your sides like dead fish. Get them involved! There is nothing sexier than a waist grab or running your hands through their hair as you are passionately kissing them.

7 Explore

Kissing doesn’t have to stay on the lips! Once you are both comfortable and into it, so a little exploring around the face, kissing in the check, a few soft nibbles of the earlobe, gentle lip biting, these are all things that are sure to escalate the hotness!

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