17 Tips for Masturbation 🙊 when You're Home 🏡 Alone ...


Don't be embarrassed about touching yourself.

It's healthy for you.

Climaxing boosts your immune system, gets rid of your headaches, and reduces your cramps.2

So don't hesitate to try it!

Here are a few masturbation tips for when you're home alone:

1. Use a Vibrator

Use a Vibrator

They're not as loud as you think they are and they're way more pleasurable than you think they are.

You'll experience sensations that you've never felt before.

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Eve Marie Jimenez McCue
@Valerie how,what position ?please 🤗
Eve Marie Jimenez McCue
@Danielle 🤗👍
Which yoga position? Someone educate me pleaseeeeeee
I haven't had sex in 7 months 💪🏾
I haven't have sex in year! 😬
Sari Paige Broudy
What yoga position ??
If you have a detachable shower head, it feels amazing to use
Do it with your man...turns them on, too.
What yoga position?
Do it too during showers!!!
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