17 Role Playing Ideas to Help Long-Term Couples Spice Things up ...

By Holly

If you've been sleeping with your man for so long that you're starting to get bored, there's an easy fix. You two can just play pretend. Get some costumes and a fake accent and you're ready to go. Here are a few classic role playing ideas to help long-term couples spice things up in the bedroom:

1 Cop

Cop One of you can pretend you're the cop, who has just pulled over the other person. See if you can get out of the ticket by using your body.

2 Teacher

Teacher One of you can pretend to be the teacher, who just gave out a bad grade, and the other can play the student, who's trying to raise their grade in any way they can. Think of Ezra and Aria.

3 Maid

mouth, muscle, sense, interaction, One of you can be he maid, who's ready to clean the entire house. The other can be the homeowner, who's feeling a little lonely and wants some company.

4 Repairman

Repairman One of you can pretend to be the repairman, who's coming in to fix the washer and dryer. Then you two can end up having sex on top of that washer and dryer.

5 Fireman

Fireman One of you can pretend to be a fireman, who's coming over to save the day.

6 Stripper

Stripper One of you can do a strip tease or give a lap dance. Then you can transition into having sex.

7 Rock Star

Rock Star One of you can pretend to be a famous rock star who's on tour, and the other can pretend to be a groupie who's been dying to have sex with the celebrity.

8 Masseuse

Masseuse One of you can pretend to be a masseuse and give the other person a back rub. Of course, that back rub will turn into something slightly inappropriate.

9 Favorite Tv Character

Favorite Tv Character Pick a couple you love from a TV show and then pretend to be them!

10 Pool Boy

surfing equipment and supplies, physical fitness, surfboard, One of you can go outside and clean the pool. You might even want to make out while you're in the water together.

11 Strangers

Strangers You can pretend that you don't know each other and are meeting each other for the first time. Take on entirely new identities. You can be anyone you'd like.

12 Bartender

Bartender One of you can pretend to be a bartender, who's willing to listen to all of the other person's problems--and then is willing to fix those problems with sex.

13 Nurse

Nurse One of you can pretend to be a nurse, who has to give the other person a sponge bath to make them feel better.

14 Hitch Hiker

person, blond, man, male, muscle, One of you can pretend to be a hitch hiker, who's willing to do whatever it takes to get a ride out of town.

15 Robot

Robot One of you can pretend to be a robot, who's programmed to obey orders, which means it has to listen to everything the other person says.

16 Vampire

Vampire One of you can pretend to be a vampire, who's looking for someone to spend the res of its eternal life with.

17 Soldier

Soldier One of you can pretend to be a soldier, who's only going to be home for a brief time and is looking for a fling.

Now you'll be able to spice things up in the bedroom! What other role play ideas can you think of?

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