7 Men's Body Parts That Women Love ...


Menโ€™s body parts that women love are one of those things that can drive women absolutely crazy!

Itโ€™s what makes you and I gush over our favourite celebrities, and you canโ€™t deny it will be a treat seeing it on your man.

Take a peek at the list below and let me know which one of these menโ€™s body parts that women love is your favourite!

1. V-Lines


I canโ€™t put my finger on why exactly itโ€™s one of the biggest turn-ons, but this glorious muscle, these leading lines that lie above the hip bones and delicately between the torso, running downwards diagonally to the (ahem!), forming a distinct V, these sharp muscular curves are simply so darn irresistible on a man.

Am I right, ladies?

The pelvic muscle is one of the sexiest menโ€™s body parts that women love and if you've seen the ones on Adam Levine that would convince you why.2

Now who wants to ogle at a six-pack or eight-pack when itโ€™s the V that makes women go va-va-voom!



Masculinity all the way. If in everything It produces this effect. In his eyes, lips, hair his individual masculinity. That's awesome!
Anime Girl
Omgosh I love how you put my Kpop bias 😆
8. Manhood That one object in the mans pants lol 🍆
V lines usually are on men who are too skinny! I love biceps myself
Sapna Pathak
V lines yummmmyyy
Sooo accurate! 😍
From the top of the shoulder down to the tips of his fingers mm mm mm 😻😻😻
Rita Isabella
Arm veins, jawline, hair
Jawlines 😍😍😍😍😍 beautiful hands and eyes too. And strong arms 😍😍 and nice butts and large chests and strong thighs that are a little hairy but not too much but the kind of hairy that's soft and not all tangled you know, and cute smiles and sound voices oh my yes everything my god I think I need some fresh air 😲
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