13 Nice and Naughty Drinking Games to Play with Your Love ...


Anytime is a good time to partake in some nice and naughty drinking games to spice up your love life!

Drinking games are a fun and mischievous way to spend some sexy time with your significant other in the comfort of your own home.

Who knows what the night will bring after a few drinks and some nice and naughty drinking games?!

Keep reading for some ideas and plan your next date night!

1. I Never

Nice and naughty drinking games have a lot of variations so you might see some games you recognize, but with a twist.2

With this game, one person will start off the game by describing something he or she has never done before, like have sex in an elevator.

If the other person has done it, they take a drink.

If your partner has done something you haven’t, they have to show you how it’s done-and vice versa, of course!

2. Russian Roulette

For this next drinking game, you’re going to need to gather all of your shot glasses or borrow some from a friend.

Russian roulette is perfect to play if you have some friends over but it can be done with two people as well.2

Place all of your shot glasses on a table and fill all but one with water.

You’re going to fill the last one up with vodka and the other person will shuffle the glasses around.

Next, everyone takes a shot and the person who drinks the vodka has to perform a dare.

As the game goes on, increase the number of glasses filled with vodka!

3. Dare Beer Pong

I’m sure you’ve played the classic drinking game beer pong, but this one has a very naughty twist!

Beer pong is usually played in teams, but you can easily play this version with two.

The first twist in this game is that there are dares placed underneath the cups.

Fill up the cups halfway with whatever alcohol you want and place the cups in a triangle formation on the mat.

Next, take turns trying to land ping pong balls in your opponent’s cup.

If the ball lands in a cup, your opponent drinks and has to perform whatever dare is under the cup!

Flip, Sip or Strip
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