15 Signs He's in Love with You: Body Language to Watch for๐Ÿ’• ...


Sometimes you can wait for those three little words and they donโ€™t quite come but does that mean he doesnโ€™t love you?

Not necessarily.

Some men just wait to say it but they give off subtle clues in lieu of.2

His body language can display love and lust and give his feelings away.

You can tell loves you even when heโ€™s not saying it.

1. He Holds Your Hand

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Handholding is a symbol of affection and the need to show possession, especially in public.

If he likes to hold your hand, it means that he wants to feel close to you at all times.

He wants people to know that you two are connected in a deeper way than just male/female friendship.

2. He Touches Your Hair

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Lots of girls love to have their hair touched and played with in an affectionate way, so if you find that he loves to run his hands through your hair and do sweet little gestures like putting an escaped strand back behind your ear, it means two things: one, that he wants to experience touching in a sweet and intimate way, and two, that he pays enough attention to you to notice that your hair is slightly out of style!2

3. He Opens Doors for You


This is an ultimate sign of courtship and gentlemanly conduct.

Some women get offended by this kind of treatment nowadays, but I like to think of it as a traditional symbol of a guy telling you that he deeply cares about you and wants you to have an enjoyable and stress free passage when you are with him.

4. He Sits on the Floor with You

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Sitting on the floor together is a classic sign that your man is completely comfortable around you.2

When you are sat on the floor together, nobody has the upper hand or feels superior;

you are just two people casually resting next to each other.

It is a sign that there is no intimidation between the two of you and that he wants to experience you in the most comfortable and unassuming way.

He Canโ€™t Stop Cuddling You
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