10 Signs Your Crush and You Are Headed for a Relationship ...


If only there was a degree in reading various signs that come with matters of the heart? How do you know that your little thing with your crush is heading in the direction of a relationship? Guest contributor Charleyann dissects it for you. Thanks Charleyann!

So you've been sort of "having a thing" with this guy for the past couple of weeks and your questioning whether or not it's actually gonna last... don't worry ladies we've all been there. Go ahead and read the following signs!

1. Constantly Hangs around You

Think about it this way: If you didn't like a guy or think he’s cool in SOME way you wouldn't waste your time hanging around him. So if he's constantly around you, constantly finding excuses to talk to you, chances are he wants to be more than just friends.

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Heather Jensen
Have you tried to flirt with him? :) Try that!
Heather Jensen
It might mean that he likes you! Try to flirt with him a bit and see where it goes!
@Beth check his body contact , does he make an eye contact with you does he look at you a lot and when you turn around , quickly look away ? When you come around does he start tapping something or sq...
i know this guy...we dont talk that much but whenever i see him he looks at me a lot, he also smiles and says my name when he says hi, what does this mean?
@Rediet he seems like a player, i used to know a guy like that. sorry :(
There is a guy who likes me but he always ignores me and flirt with the other girl and he tries to touch me and always look at me but what did that mean????
@teavanna, oh gosh in what sense do you mean that? lol but why??
@sri wanda ardalita, thank you(:
sri wanda ardalita
legit fact! 😍
@teavanna, sweetie just give it time! If it's meant to be it will happen, good luck to you!(:
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