10 Signs Your Crush and You Are Headed for a Relationship ...


If only there was a degree in reading various signs that come with matters of the heart?

How do you know that your little thing with your crush is heading in the direction of a relationship?

Guest contributor Charleyann dissects it for you.

Thanks Charleyann!

So you've been sort of "having a thing" with this guy for the past couple of weeks and your questioning whether or not it's actually gonna last...

don't worry ladies we've all been there.

Go ahead and read the following signs!

1. Constantly Hangs around You

Think about it this way: If you didn't like a guy or think heโ€™s cool in SOME way you wouldn't waste your time hanging around him. So if he's constantly around you, constantly finding excuses to talk to you, chances are he wants to be more than just friends.

Compliments You


I need help please someone help I have a crush and he knows I like him. We live in the same neighborhood and attend the same school , he texts me everyday , he calls me his queen or bae or his everything. He recently told me how he really felt About me . I know it sounds like we're already together but we're not at least not publicly.
Hi everyone may i have u a favor did u know this? if the Man asking u like that How u want to go ahead in our Relationship? what did u answer to him? please reply asap need all ur help
@Dreamland, Hi did u know this? if the Man asking u like that How u want to go ahead in our Relationship? what did u answer to him? please reply asap
I Need help as well! I'm pretty sure this guy is into me I was just wanting your opinion :) I met this guy randomly at Mcdonalds one night and his long lost friend whom I am in college with is the reason he hugged my friend. That night he was with a youth group but he sat with my group at Mcdonalds instead. He pulled a chair up beside the booth I was at and when he talked we stared into eachother's eyes longer than usual. He talked to me and acknowledged me a ton more than his long lost friend. That night he left but walked back inside and asked for my number. That night we became fb friends then I sent him the first instant message. We talked for hours every day for a week on fb message. Then at the 1 week mark he gave me his phone number (in a smooth way). Jan 4th will make a month from when we first met and we have talked the entire Christmas break. I asked him if I bug him and he texted me saying "Your never bugging me." When I reminded him about the night we met I said I'm usually not that awkward or something like that and he said, "Haha you didn't act that weird :p" I mentioned something hinting towards dating last night and he said "That's a good point you make! Yes a couple can do far greater things then a single person." So am I in infatuation or is this actually worth something? Thank you! :)
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