7 Signs Your Ex Has Moved on and It is Truly over ...


When you go through a breakup, you may be looking for signs your ex has moved on. You may be wondering if it is possible to work things out. While that can be a possibility, it sometimes doesn’t happen because he has moved on. These are 7 signs your ex has moved on that you can look for to know it is truly over.

1. He Has a New Girl

One of the signs your ex has moved on is if he has a new girl. If he still has feelings for you, he more than likely will not move on. He might possibly date for a small amount of time but it won’t last because you are still in his heart. But if he has a new girl and she is definitely his girl, it is over. It may be time for you to look for someone else, too.

He Returned All Your Stuff


Sasa Fab
My ex totally moved on. He got married.
i hate to say this but.. I broke up with him 6 months ago but I'm ok I mean I love myself and I know that he's not the one and it's very sad to think about that all that months that you spend with him end
Great Advise
what if u have kid with ur ex and he still contacting keep in touch he didn't have a gf we having sex sometime but not in the relationship is that mean he moved on?
Michael Yele
hi \@Linda McElroy,
I agree with Andra. Well said indeed!
Cailey Sanchez
It's pretty obvious to you guys but may not be to others. Hold on to your sarcasm, it's not a bad post.
you really can't tell. . .
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