11 Signs Your Guy Best Friend is into You ...


Relationships can be tricky but if your relationship is blossoming from a strong friendship, you'll have no problem! If you're wondering whether or not your guy friend is into you, here's a couple of signs to help you decide!

1. Always Wants to Partner with You

Whether you are in school, at work or even just walking down the street, if he is into you, he wants to constantly partner with you. If he is constantly asking to be your lab partner, looking for ways to become your partner on a project, he is into you. Trust me ladies, this tip is a dead give away!

Asks You to Hang out


his name is tristan
pleeez i really need some ones help i dont know what to think:(!
hey i am having an issue right now im 16 so i have a guy best friend i see him on like Tuesdays and Thursdays and at church but sometimes on weekends. but ya so he is always takes my stuff and runs w...
@Macy, if he talks with u a lot or if u catch him staring at u hee probably likes u! U should tots ask him out!
@Suzi, he probs has feelings for u but just doesn't want an over distance relationship.
@Lyndsie Robinson, I see him as a friend. He's nice, but he's kind of… I can't really explain, but not many ppl my age are dating so watevs!
I think one of guy friends likes me... I hope so because I like him and my friends say we would be great together....
Heather Jensen
That's awesome! Are you into him too?
After reading this... I think my guy friend may actually like me. I swear, he has gotten more touchy with me.
This is some me and one of my guy friends, but it's so sometimesy with him. I used think he likes me but now I'm a little iffy on the situation. ❓❓
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