11 Signs Your Guy Best Friend is into You ...


Relationships can be tricky but if your relationship is blossoming from a strong friendship, you'll have no problem! If you're wondering whether or not your guy friend is into you, here's a couple of signs to help you decide!

1. Always Wants to Partner with You

Whether you are in school, at work or even just walking down the street, if he is into you, he wants to constantly partner with you. If he is constantly asking to be your lab partner, looking for ways to become your partner on a project, he is into you. Trust me ladies, this tip is a dead give away!

Asks You to Hang out


@Heather Jensen, i didn't really mean it that way i don't like him at all but he seems to think so.
Heather Jensen
Hi! I think that he does like you, he's just shy. I think that you should totally talk to him! :)
@shy, Grammar please. ;)
sorry for my bad english...I have this guy childhood friend whom I just met again the past year then since that he always say that I'am cute.. he's somewhat childish always joking around and very misc...
Heather Jensen
Hi Amber! If he has a girlfriend, I'd definitely say that you need to back off. You don't want to be the person that breaks anyone up!
what if he has a girlfriend and still does all of these things?
Heather Jensen
Hey Fella! I'd put it all out there -- truthfully, if he is your BFF, just assure him that you aren't going to break his heart and if he doesn't feel the same, nothing is going to change about your friendship. I'd talk to him about your feelings. :)
Fella Sahnoun
Hey Heather , My best friend that I ve known since 7 years shows all of these signs,knowing that I have already asked him what he feels for me he sais that he admires me,I like him and I feel that he...
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