11 Signs Your Guy Best Friend is into You ...


Relationships can be tricky but if your relationship is blossoming from a strong friendship, you'll have no problem!

If you're wondering whether or not your guy friend is into you, here's a couple of signs to help you decide!

1. Always Wants to Partner with You

Whether you are in school, at work or even just walking down the street, if he is into you, he wants to constantly partner with you.

If he is constantly asking to be your lab partner, looking for ways to become your partner on a project, he is into you.2

Trust me ladies, this tip is a dead give away!

Asks You to Hang out


The guy i lik, (im in year 7) is really cute, smart and funny! he makes me laugh, and smile. he protects me from bullies also, is this a good sign? and he also says i just like u as a friend, but he always says it with a smile..god sign? bad sign?
If he held your hand, he's into you. A guy wouldn't do that unless he was. And for him to use :D, it means he wants you. Go for it girl!!!!!!
plus most of the signs are there :o
the thing is that hes really shy around girls and is usually very "kept to himself" around us except me n him always seem to have these long conversations about everything ... :(
thanks i talked to him about it he really likes me and he said that he has since we were in 3rd grade thats along time were in 8th now and ever since he said he likes me he send me a text everyday saying ur amazing and beautiful
90% chnces r dat hez jst bein friendly...hold back ur emotions girll.. n luk fr sum signs... :)
Whoa if you are really in 5th grade and this isn't some kind of joke the last thing you need to be worrying about is having a boyfriend. Honestly, when anyone is that young they hardly know how to be in a relationship and who ever they refer to as their "boy/girlfriend" probably a week later will be someone different. And despite the age, you should never, ever fill pressured into being in a relationship with someone because it feels like everyone else is. Probably the best time to enter into a relationship is when you aren't really searching for one because then if you find someone its because you naturally make sense together. Otherwise you're wanting the relationship title more than the person. Sorry if this is complicated sounding or overly preachy but I just don't think any 5th grader should feel this way. You're about 10 years old right? You should be enjoying your friends and the freedom of many responsibilities you'll have later. Relationships will come and go and I'm sure you have plenty of time to meet some great guy or girl later in life. And finally if anyone makes fun of you or bothers you for not "going out" or being with someone then you deserve better friends who won't judge you for who you choose to date or not.
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