15 Signs You're Acting like a Crazy Girl ...


The first thing every girl should know about a guy is that they are born to hunt and that they can sense when a girl is acting crazy.

Boys love to chase and accomplish things, especially women.

When we stop playing hard to get, and start acting like a needy child, boys lose all interest in us!

That's why when a girl is acting crazy, most guys will just take off.

So ladies, do you know when a girl is acting crazy?2

Or when you are acting crazy?

Here's a list of the top 15 signs to tell if you've lost your cool, and gained some crazy!

1. Constantly Calling and Texting a Guy

Having to text a guy first, shame on him;

having to text a guy four times, shame on you.

Ladies, when you text a guy four times in a row and he hasn't texted you back, this is absolutely one of the signs that you're acting crazy!

A lot of guys are unsure if you are into them or not so it's a way to let him know you're approachable, but having to text him more times than that just screams needy.

If he isn't making the effort to contact you first, or even respond to you at all, he's most likely not interested or scared of you.

Asking Every Person if "He's into You"


@Heather, I agree with you heather, that is very reassuring advice, thanks so much
Or he's mentally unstable and you should steer clear.
Thank you for the comment and welcome to AWS!
@Crystal, Oh no! Is this your crush that you're talking about? :)
@kinu, So true!! Thanks for the addition Kinu!
I think that it means that he likes you! I think he is just nervous and shy. I'd go for it girl!
If a guy keeps sending mixed signals, and also he is friendly one day then the next he is not what does this possibly mean?
As long as he wants to talk to you just as much, and honestly tells that he is comfortable with the amount of communication you have... then yes, that's perfectly fine. Some couples need their space, some couples are joined at the hip. Don't let some silly Cosmo-knockoff article tell you that you're "crazy" or you have a bad relationship just because you and your guy like to talk a lot.
@Malina, Ouch! Harsh!! She still ur friend?????
Hey Stacey! I don't think so. Truthfully, if I found out that my guy cheated on me, broken up or not, I'd act a bit crazy too. You deserve so much better!
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