Signs ⚛️ You're in a One-Sided ☝🏼️ Relationship 💏 ...


Do you ever get the feeling that you are more invested in your relationship than your partner? Do you do all the running and make all the effort? Then it’s time to ask yourself some questions. These are the signs you’re in a one-sided relationship:

1. Too Much Routine

Too Much Routine

If you partner always grumbles if you say you want to switch it up and change date night, or try a different restaurant, then perhaps it’s because he doesn’t care enough to be spontaneous.

You Have to Plan Everything


Jeanette Marie King
Go, go and your gut feeling will be the same as it has been since you noticed it. I hope no one else will ever be the person who I was 2013-2016, I was so lost and scared and I never felt so suicidal ...
Aw! Relate much, i badly need to decide now or else...
Great article! I just wish I had come across something like this a year ago, I would've left a lot sooner than I had and saved myself a lot of heartbreak. Thanks for posting this!
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