The Truth 👍🏼 about High School Sweethearts Relationships 💏 ...


There’s something magical about high school relationships.

For that time, your relationship is your entire world.

You feel safe and secure and nothing can hurt you.

The future is bright.

Sadly, despite the strength and force of the love, not all high school sweethearts grow old together.

Many of us look back and wonder what it would have been like now if we’d stayed with our first love, who is often our high school sweetheart.

Here’s why high school sweethearts have the strongest relationships and why we envy them, and often wish ours had lasted the distance.2

1. They Are Strong Because of Their Starting Point


These relationships begin when you’re both at your most awkward phases, and there is something beautiful about the fact that beneath the acne and the braces, you still found each other!

2. Get to Witness Each Other’s Major Progress

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High school years that lead into college years are some of the most important years in your life, and it’s great that couples get to experience that together and share your stories.

3. Each Shares an Uncanny Understanding of the World

You, and, understand, each, other.,

Both are trapped in that time between adolescence and adulthood, and it gives a unique shared perspective on the world that makes you feel like you’re the only two intelligent people on earth.

4. There’s a Solid Foundation to Fall Back on


It almost feels like there’s a safety net in a high school relationship, constantly surrounded by best friends who are there to help if there is ever a problem.

5. Fights Are Unavoidable but Good Experience!

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Teens fight;

it’s not a big surprise!

The good thing is that these teenage tantrum rows are preparation for the potentially bigger romantic battles that lie ahead in adulthood!

6. Knowing Each Other inside and out

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Being with someone in/since high school means being completely sure that each partner knows everything about each other, from their darkest fears to their most annoying quirks!

There’s a Lifetime of Shared Memories
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