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Things to Know before Dating the Perpetually Single Girl ...

By Heather

When you date a girl that has been single for a long time or is typically single more than in a relationship, there are certain rules that you've got to follow. Trust me on this, if you are a guy that is trying to constantly do things for us, trying to take care of us, we don't need it – why would we? We've been single this whole time, we can take care of our damn selves. Hence the reason, you need to understand our boundaries.

1 We Aren't Needy

Firstly, we aren't needy. We've never been needy and that is probably why we are single most of the time. We don't need someone that is going to take care of us, why would we? We can take care of ourselves, what we need is someone that is a partner.

2 Trust Us, We're Strong

Yep. We are stronger than you will ever know probably. We are the strongest girl you'll probably ever know too. We don't depend on anyone and truthfully, we don't want to. We pay our own bills, we can do things alone and we can get through things by ourselves.

3 We Aren't Single Because Nobody Wants Us

Plenty of people want us but we are also picky. Yes, that means that we choose to be single most of the time but that also means that we are choosing you. If you are one of the lucky ones that we call a boyfriend, be lucky.

4 We Have Our Own Friends

Yep. And you should too. You shouldn't try to get in good with our friends all of the time either. You've got your friends, I've got mine and we shouldn't mix and mingle them all of the time. No, trust me, we shouldn't.

5 We Know What Privacy is

We don't need to understand your phone, we don't need to look into your wallet, we also don't need to text you all of the time. We trust you and we know that people need their privacy. That means if you take us for granted, though, we will be single again.

6 We Can Go Anywhere Alone

We actually go everywhere alone … or did, until you came around. We still want our alone time too, so you've got to remember that. You can't be clingy or attached to us at the hip, it won't work and it'll chase us away.

7 Self-sufficient is Our Middle Name

Trust me when I say that we can take care of ourselves. I've mentioned it before and I'll do it again, we don't need anybody and that's the scary part. We choose to let you in our lives. Don't take care for granted.

So, now that you've got the rules – what are few of the other ones I'm missing all my single girls out there? Share 'em!

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