The Uber Important Differences between Compatibility and Chemistry ...

By Neecey

Compatibility and chemistry. Two words used to define an unspeakable and unseen connection (or lack of) between two people. The two words are often used interchangeably, but they’re not the same thing. I think it’s important to understand the difference. Agreed? Read on Stalkers.

Table of contents:

  1. they have different shelf lives
  2. chemistry can be harmful
  3. they feel totally different
  4. they inspire different feelings
  5. involves shared interests
  6. they have different paces
  7. there is difference in judgement
  8. there is a difference in patience
  9. there are fewer sacrifices
  10. more perceptive to likes and dislikes
  11. sleeping comfort!
  12. candles vs. fire
  13. a feeling of assurance
  14. fireball vs. gobstopper
  15. a slight change in phrasing!
  16. you have different intentions
  17. different beach experiences!
  18. skewed priorities
  19. completely different landscapes

1 They Have Different Shelf Lives

The thing to remember is that while chemistry might be temporary and in the moment, ultimate compatibility will last forever.

2 Chemistry Can Be Harmful

Sometimes you can be blinded by the strong chemistry you have with someone, choosing not to see all of the negative impacts that a relationship could have.

3 They Feel Totally Different

Chemistry can feel like a hot fiery passion bubbling inside, whereas compatibility can often make you feel like a cool ocean breeze, completely safe and at peace.

4 They Inspire Different Feelings

Chemistry will make you feel like you want to rip each other’s clothes off, whereas compatibility might make you want to start to plan ahead and organize each other’s lives rather than disrupt them!

5 Involves Shared Interests

With chemistry, the only thing you might have in common is lust for one another, but with compatibility, you will have many shared interests outside of the bedroom like movies and hobbies.

6 They Have Different Paces

With chemistry, you often have the desire to know every single thing about a person as soon as you meet, but with compatibility it’s more a slow burn at a natural pace.

7 There is Difference in Judgement

Chemistry means that you are not bothered by who is voting for to be President, but compatibility means that you take much more notice of the things that could affect your relationship long term.

8 There is a Difference in Patience

With chemistry, you might wonder who on earth you are going to get past his loud snoring, but with compatibility you can easily see pasts his flaws to the bigger picture.

9 There Are Fewer Sacrifices

Chemistry might force you to go to an event that you don’t want to just so that you can have fun in bed afterwards, but compatibility means that you are both happy to go to the event in the first place.

10 More Perceptive to Likes and Dislikes

Chemistry can lead you to not caring that he stinks of garlic from his lunch, but compatibility means that he won’t have had garlic because he already knows that you don’t like it.

11 Sleeping Comfort!

Chemistry is not caring how uncomfortable you are in bed because you just want to be near him, but compatibility is both of you making sure the other is comfortable!

12 Candles Vs. Fire

Chemistry can be seen as a single candle trying quickly to light 25 more, whereas compatibility can be seen as a roaring campfire that has plenty of logs nearby to keep it burning.

13 A Feeling of Assurance

With chemistry, you are always wondering when it is going to fizzle out, but with compatibility, you are 100% sure that this is going to go for a long, long run.

14 Fireball Vs. Gobstopper

Chemistry is a fireball candy that gives you a cheap thrill but might leave your burned, while compatibility is an everlasting gobstopper than continues to bring you sweetness.

15 A Slight Change in Phrasing!

Chemistry is ‘right now’, while compatibility is ‘just right’!

16 You Have Different Intentions

Chemistry makes you want to take him straight to bed, while compatibility makes you want to take him to meet your parents!

17 Different Beach Experiences!

With chemistry, you don’t mind getting covered in sand and seaweed for a romp on the beach, but with compatibility he will have brought along a big picnic blanket for your comfort!

18 Skewed Priorities

Chemistry might force you to make suspect decisions with regards to your priorities, but compatibility means that your relationship with him fits perfectly in to your life.

19 Completely Different Landscapes

Chemistry is like rock climbing and being terrified to look down, but compatibility feels like a casual stroll to the top of a cliff where you can behold a stunning view!

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