13. Natural when It Counts

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Just because we like makeup doesn’t mean that we have to wear it all of the time. A guy wants a girl that is going to be natural when it counts -- such as going to the beach! A guy loves it when a girl doesn’t take two hours to look perfect when, in his opinion, she is perfect no matter what. He wants a girl that is so confident in herself, she doesn’t need anything but herself.

Isn’t Scared to Get down & Dirty


I'm overly strong.....like i got some serious mucles, and im only 13!!!!!!!!!! idk how they came about but i got'em! and the guys say they dont like dating a girl almost stronger than them! what do i do!?!?!?!
Intelligence!!! Real men love women who are intelligent. Not arrogant, intelligent. And deep inside, real men love women who have big hearts and a capacity for love. (at least this guy does)
You're awesome! Lol.
Too bad those guys don't really start popping up in high school years!
From my male perspective, I think these are some great tips all ladies could keep in mind. For a relationship to really work, there has to be more than just good looks and physical attraction. I know ...
I like a guy who I've been talking to for the past month and I think he might like me too but I'm not sure. When we text he puts a lot of winky faces and once I didn't respond to him but he sent me an...
totally agree with everything
Wry just gotta add something I didn't say b4 he texted me for a little bit but then stopped he did text me for like 1 week
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