13. Natural when It Counts

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Just because we like makeup doesn’t mean that we have to wear it all of the time.

A guy wants a girl that is going to be natural when it counts -- such as going to the beach!

A guy loves it when a girl doesn’t take two hours to look perfect when, in his opinion, she is perfect no matter what.

He wants a girl that is so confident in herself, she doesn’t need anything but herself.

Isn’t Scared to Get down & Dirty


💩to all the haters who commented this post
Great post love it so helpful thanks
Looks Like MEN want everything -_-
Excellent article n very helpful !! Thanks for nice article :)
i have all the qualities...............
Alex Evans
Nicole Rusk
The guy I'm talking to now told me that I was very outgoing and to him "THAT IS A BIG PLUS!"
@Fatuma Mohamed, if you can make a great sandwich, most guys don't mind if you can't make all the other good stuff right away. Most men LOVE sandwiches.
Kray Handle
@Leestic, yeah. so true. What a waste of love. tsk.
@Leestic, I agree! I was married for 6yrs. worked o/t like a mule, did ALL of the housework, cooking, bill-paying. My ex acted like a spoiled brat teen. Hmmm, maybe it's better to stay single after all!!
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