17 Things Men Find Exceptionally Arousing in Women ...


17 Things Men Find Exceptionally Arousing in Women ...
17 Things Men Find Exceptionally Arousing in Women ...

There are so many things that men find arousing in us women. Our hair, our scent, our perfume, our beauty and our mind – but what else? What else do we have that just drives men crazy? This list isn't based on our looks, we can get a man with just a look over the shoulder, our men like to be stimulated and boy, do they like confidence too!

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Confidence While you might not always feel confident on the inside, why not flaunt it on the outside? Fake it until you make it! Confidence is the number one thing that men find arousing and oh-so-sexy.


Rocking a bold outfit or strutting into a room with your head held high can make all the difference. Men often respond to the energy you project, and a self-assured demeanor can be a major turn-on. So next time you’re feeling iffy, channel your inner queen and present yourself with poise and certainty. Whether you’re nailing that presentation at work or sashaying through the bar on a girls' night out, remember that your projected self-belief can be a powerful aphrodisiac.


The Curves You Have

The Curves You Have No matter if you have little curves or a perfect hour-glass, curves on our bodies are something that men love, love, love!


Embrace the unique beauty of your shape and know that it's all about confidence when it comes to showing off what you've got. Gentlemen often appreciate the natural figure of a woman, be it the gentleness of soft curves or the strong definition of well-shaped hips. Whether you're rocking jeans that hug your silhouette or a dress that accentuates your waistline, owning your curves can send a powerful message of femininity and allure. Remember, it's not just about the body itself, but how you present it with poise and self-assurance that truly captivates.


Your Brilliance

Your Brilliance It isn't all about your body, it's about your mind too! Blow him away girls and show your brilliance!


Showcase your wit and intellect in conversation; your smarts are irresistibly sexy. Whether it's your knowledge on current events, your thoughts on complex theories, or your ability to unravel the most intricate of puzzles, your brain power is a huge turn-on. Keep him on his toes with engaging dialogue, playful debates, and thought-provoking questions that reveal the depth of your intellect. Trust us, intelligence is the ultimate aphrodisiac.


Sense of Humor

person, profession, brown hair, book, Can you make him laugh? He'll love you forever and it'll certainly turn him on!


Laughter truly is the secret spice in the recipe for love. It’s not just about chuckling at jokes—though that’s important, too. It's about sharing humorous moments, teasing each other playfully, and enjoying the lighter side of life together. When you're both laughing, you're creating a special bond, and your playful attitude is undeniably sexy. He’ll fall for your wit and your ability to see joy in the ordinary, which will deepen the romantic spark between you. After all, a shared giggle can sometimes be the prelude to shared whispers under the sheets.


Your Hair

Your Hair Guys love, love our hair. Seriously! They love feeling it in their fingers and love touching it.


Whether it's a silky straight cascade or wild, curly tresses, hair has a way of capturing attention. The way it frames your face and falls over your shoulders can be mesmerizing. Some men admit to having a thing for ponytails, buns, or even playful pigtails because each style offers a different vibe — sophisticated, sporty, or serendipitously sensual. And let's not forget the intoxicating scent of freshly washed hair — it's like an invisible allure, drawing them in closer. Keep your locks luscious and watch the magic unfold.


How Mysterious You Are

How Mysterious You Are All women, in their own way, are a little mysterious and it drives our men crazy!


Men adore the enigmatic shroud that sometimes encircles a woman's persona. There is something unequivocally seductive about the unread chapters in her book, the secrets held in her smile, or the untold reasons behind her laughter. It invites a deep yearning for discovery, keeping her partner eternally intrigued. Every sidelong glance or half-whispered word adds to this allure, as if she holds the key to a secret garden, beckoning him to find the door and unlock the wonders inside.


Your Laugh

Your Laugh Even if your laugh is loud and out there, our men love it!


They find it irresistible when you giggle at their jokes or burst out in uncontrollable laughter with your friends. It's one of those genuine moments that showcase your radiant personality and happiness. Every chuckle and snort is a melody to their ears—a testament to your unfiltered joy—and they can't get enough of how it makes them feel even more connected to you. Your laughter is not just a sound, but a signal of the joy you bring into their lives.


Your Smile

Your Smile Ditto our smile! Men love, love a flash of pearly whites.


A genuine grin is like a beacon of positivity that instantly brightens a room. Guys can't resist the infectious nature of a joy-filled laugh that reveals confidence and happiness. It's about more than just the aesthetic—it's the warmth and invitation a smile carries, hinting at a friendly and approachable personality. When he catches you smiling across the room, it's as if you're sharing an unspoken secret just between the two of you, which is incredibly alluring. So, flash those pearly whites; it's a simple gesture that carries a powerful punch of attraction.


The Way You Smell

The Way You Smell Whether it is perfume or just you, men love how we smell, especially in the heat of the moment.


The scent of a woman can be intoxicating, often triggering a primal response. It's not just about the latest fancy fragrance; it could be the simple aroma of your shampoo or skin cream that leaves an indelible mark on his senses. Even your natural pheromones play a pivotal role, drawing him closer without a single word exchanged. It's an alluring mix of the products you choose and your unique personal essence that creates a signature scent he could find irresistible.


You in His Clothes

You in His Clothes This is a big one, when we slip into his shirt, he loves it! Try it!


Slipping into a man's oversized tees or button-up shirts can somehow be both adorable and incredibly sexy. There's something about the contrast of soft femininity against the stark, masculine lines of his clothes that can drive him wild. It suggests an intimacy, a comfort level that's undeniably alluring. Plus, the way the shirt hangs off your shoulders and the gentle tease of what's just out of sight can be a powerful visual. It's a flirtatious hint of a shared private moment and that can be a huge turn-on.


Every Piece of Your Skin

Every Piece of Your Skin Yes, every single piece of your body is beautiful to him. That jiggle you are worried about? He loves it!


How Kind You Are

How Kind You Are You have such a kind soul and he loves every part of it.


Your generosity is like a breath of fresh air. Whether you’re sharing your time to listen to his problems or offering a helping hand to a stranger, your compassion never goes unnoticed. Your partner finds this quality deeply attractive because it not only makes you an incredible partner but also a true force of positivity in the world. Your kindness radiates and builds an aura of warmth around you, compelling others, especially him, to gravitate towards your benevolent spirit. It’s the little acts of love and care that make you irresistibly alluring to him.


How Sarcastic You Can Be

How Sarcastic You Can Be This goes hand-in-hand with the sense of humor. You are sarcastic in the heat of the moment, give him a hard time at the best times and he loves it.


Your sharp wit cuts through the mundane, often catching him off guard and provoking a laugh when he least expects it. A playful repartee is the spice of your interactions, and he finds your quick comebacks incredibly sexy. It's not just about making fun—it's that unique language of love where each sarcastic quip is a testament to the comfort and camaraderie you share with him. The ability to tease and be teased without taking offense is a rare and intimate form of flirtation that he completely adores.


Every Quirky Interest You Have

Every Quirky Interest You Have Like a certain position that is a little out there? What about a fetish that is a little out there? He finds it quirky and sexy.


The Way You Talk in the Heat of the Moment

The Way You Talk in the Heat of the Moment The way you moan too, the way you make little breathy sounds – all of it!


Your whispered desires, that spontaneous giggle, your gasps of pleasure – they're like the soundtrack to his most intense sessions of passion. When you let go and just react naturally, it's incredibly sexy. It's not just about the words; it's the authentic expression of your arousal that resonates with him deeply. Your voice, laden with satisfaction, can send shivers down his spine and give him a sense of connection that's truly electrifying.


Your Adventurous Side

emotion, love, romance, This is one of the sexiest things that he loves about you – your adventurous side and how you are willing to do anything.


How Passionate You Are

How Passionate You Are Whether it is behind closed doors or whether it is out in the open, he loves how passionate you are.

So, girls, what else does your man find arousing?

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This is all so true ! Thought of my boyfriend while I read this and I'm like all so me and he adores every inch of my lovely self

That moment when you got to worn on being bright and having a sense of humor

Love this article

Men who do that aren't real men. Real men know and cherish women.

It is so real


Oh yes sense of humour works every time esp when u don't think you are that funny and yet they lol all the time...priceless!

I agree

This is really cute :-)

Why do some men get with us because they think so many things about us are totally hot, interesting and fun then when they et us they do things to destroy/break down all our wonderful qualities that drew them to us then they act like we're nothing special

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