5. It Encourages You to Foster Your Own Friendships

Your guy having his own friends and interests can be a good thing for you.

It can give you encouragement to make sure you’re keeping up your own friendships.

If your guy doesn’t want any time away from you then it can difficult to do that.

Be thankful when he wants a night out with the guys and schedule your own night out with the girls.

He shouldn’t be the only one that gets to have fun with friends, right?

They Offer Him Something Unique


What about him having girl friends?
How do i tell him he should go out with his friends
@dominique so true! My boy and I kept having some nonsense issue after spending everyday together
@dominique mine too! My boy and I spend too much time together And everyday we've been having this nonsense issue
I get he needs his friends. But he's ended up lying about who he was with and what they were doing MULTIPLE times. So it's hard for me to allow him to do these things easily.
@Nancy you can always make new friends. This will for sure boost your confidence and make you so much more interesting thus strengthen your relationship :-)
Beryl Stokes
I sympathise with you ! So many of us did the same and realise too late what we unwittingly did. Why not down tools yourself at home when he goes off and get the kids to entertain themselves whilst you spoil yourself a while ? Answering Zanna by the way .
Hm. Well this is a tricky subject for me. Mostly because we have 4 kids, so for years he got to go mountain biking and snowboarding and camping and out for beers. I stayed with the kids who were my number one priority. Then also, nobody invited us out as a family because there were so many of us that it was like a home invasion. Over the years I lost my friends because I was tied to the house so much. Now I feel like I should have gotten a chance to go out too. I was so busy, I forgot about me!
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