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7 Ways Having a Boyfriend Shouldn't Change Your Life ...

By Holly

Getting a boyfriend can feel like a huge deal, and it is something you should celebrate! However, it isn't something that should change the way you live your life. You're still the same person now as you were when you were single--except you have someone to hug and kiss. With that in mind, here are a few ways that getting a boyfriend shouldn't change you:

1 Which Friends You See

Which Friends You See You might not see your friends as often as you used to, but you should still see them. After all, you can't spend every waking moment with your boyfriend. There will be times when he needs to go off to work, or when you two just need some time apart. It's unhealthy to be joined at the hip. You need your own lives.

2 What Morals You Have

image, sense, interaction, romance, If you're against drinking or against having sex before marriage, you shouldn't let a man change your mind. Stick to your morals. Do whatever you believe is right. Eventually you'll find a man who agrees with you, or who at least respects you enough to let you do whatever you feel comfortable with.

3 How You Dress

How You Dress You shouldn't dress more provocatively to impress your boyfriend. You shouldn't dress more conservatively, either, just because he's worried about another man snatching you up. You should continue to wear the clothes that you've always worn. There's no reason to change your fashion style along with your relationship status. The two don't go hand in hand.

4 How Much You Eat

How Much You Eat You shouldn't stop eating breakfast, because you think it'll help you lose weight, which you think would make your boyfriend happy. He should be dating you for your personality, not for your looks. Besides, if he leaves you because of the number on the scale, he's not worth your time. You need to find someone who genuinely cares about the inside more than the outside.

5 How Cocky You Are

How Cocky You Are Don't let your boyfriend fool you into thinking you're the greatest thing on the face of the planet. Yes, you're a beautiful, talented woman. However, you're not any better than your single friends, so don't make them feel like crap for being unattached. They're just as valuable as you are.

6 How Miserable You Are

How Miserable You Are Getting a boyfriend can change your mood, but only for the better. If he's actually making you more miserable than you were when you were single, then you should put an end to the relationship. Your boyfriend is meant to make your days brighter. If he's only making them more difficult, then it's time to say your goodbyes.

7 What Your Life Revolves around

What Your Life Revolves around Don't make your boyfriend your whole world. You can't forget about your job, your hopes, and your dreams, just because a cute guy came along. It's entirely possible for you to juggle your relationship along with everything else in life that matters for you. Whatever you do, don't change your entire life for one man. If he's the right one for you, you'll be able to fit him in your life like a puzzle piece.

The only thing your boyfriend should do is make you happier and make you want to become a better person. Has getting a boyfriend changed you in any of these ways?

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