11 Ways 📝 to Make Touching Yourself 🙈 Feel Better than Ever 😍 ...


Masturbation shouldn't be taboo.

After all, everyone does it!

It's actually healthy for you, because it can boost your immune system, get rid of your headaches, and help you get to know your body better.

If you want the experience to feel more intense than ever, follow this advice from womenshealthmag.com

1. Use Lube

Use Lube

If you use lube, it'll make it easier for you to orgasm.

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Ella Forte
@M lol really!?
Stella S Rodriguez
Sorry shanelle she is died ze is overleden ik ben haar vader
Isabella Coles
&TorriWyatt; I totally agree with you - hopefully one day society will be more open about it!
Great article
The post was awesome. That Oprah visual threw me off though. Lol
Good post Holly! I like to read, then use my imagination. As to the negative comments, I think women have been enjoying this form of pleasure for thousands of years, it's just that in a more enlightened modern society we can be more open about it.
Taylor Brooke
Theressa calls it yuck but bet she's having four different baby daddies rail her every night. Lol. I personally don't masturbate, but I don't shame on those who do.
Love it! Better than whoring around.
I accidentally liked this how do I unlike ???
That's a very immature way to think M & theressa... We all do it! Grow up, it's natural and healthy!
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