15 Ways to Tell if a Guy is Flirting with You ...


We get a lot of comments on ways to tell if a guy is flirting with you and what signs to spot.

Well, I've decided to compile all of the answers right here!

These are my top 15 ways to tell if a guy is flirting with you and what signs you really need to be on the lookout for!

After all, if he is flirting with you, that could mean that he likes you, right?2

1. He Confides in You

He Confides in You

One of the surefire ways to tell if a guy is flirting with you is that he constantly confides in you.

You are the person that he is always going to.3

You are the person that he tells all of his secrets to.

That's one definite sign that he not only likes you, but he is flirting with you!

Leaves Dangling Messages


I would love some advice. I\'m seventeen and I have this guy friend which I\'ve always secretly liked and now I feel like he\'s giving me \'that\' kind of attention. Last year one of his friends screwed me over, BADLY, and he was always there for me telling me that his friend didn\'t deserve me and to not suffer over guys who are just dicks. He would send me mixed signals and would indirectly state things by saying I should just find another guy, someone who\'d treat me right, once he even mention a kiss, but I was to oblivious. Sometimes when we\'re left alone there\'s always this space for something to happen, I feel this sexual tension and this awkwardness, I hope something would happen, I pray he makes a move, I do want something to happen, but it never does. I don\'t dare to jump on him, I\'m scared of rejection, so I just wait, but I know I\'ll just keep on waiting for it and there\'s little chance something will actually bloom. There\'s a long list of girls waiting too, he\'s quite a guy, the kind of guy who we\'d all fancy. Yeah, sometimes we flirt, but most times we\'re acting like we normally do, I go back to being one of the guys. These days he\'s been touchy, hugging me and when in conversations with me and even with other people he always manages to make some physical contact with me, whether holding me, pinching me lightly, tapping me, anything. He\'s attentive, he texts and acts nicely. I should be able to tell right? Thing is..? I suck at reading the signs... I always took this as something normal, I still think those are a friend\'s words and actions. So what should I do? I\'m scared of the first step, don\'t want to scare him away, but at the same time it\'s my last year in school and I terribly want him. Please help! Thanks :)
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