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7 Ways to Not Play Mind Games with Guys ...

By Kiley

Okay girls, I want to start off by telling you I am the Queen of Mind Games. I have devoted many years to perfecting the art of mind games, and they have worked very well for my friends and me... until recently. I found myself falling for a boy who could not be played by anything I threw at him. So come to find out there are men out there who just can't be gamed! If you are looking to be single, date, and have fun, then check out my article on how to pick up guys. But if you are looking for tips on how to start a relationship, these 7 ways to NOT play mind games with guys are going to help you get out of the over-thinking and into the non-thinking.

1 Don't over Think Things

As girls, we tend to want to over-analyze everything. Any time we get a text or call we sit and ask every girl friend what he meant when he said whatever he said. A guy literally means what he says. There is no hidden code behind it. If you keep that in your mind when talking to your crush, it will help you be less crazy and more yourself.

2 Just do It

This sounds like a very common thing, yet for a lot of women it is something we find hard to do. If a guy wants to call you or text you, they will, and usually don't think twice about it. Girls sit and think we are gonna come off to clingy, bother him, or if we text him, he wins. Truth is there is no winning or losing when you aren't playing mind games. If you want to call or text a boy just do it. I'm not saying to blow up his phone so he can't pick it up with out it going off in his hands, but in moderation, a guy likes to see your name on his phone.

3 Take out the Rules

This is a really big one for me, girls, because I am the biggest stickler for following the rules when it comes to gaming a boy. Anything you think, like answering his question with a question, never text before 3 in the afternoon, make him be the last one to say something in a conversation, etc., needs to be thrown out the window. If you are looking to just date and flirt then by all means follow the rules, even make your own rules, but they will never work when wanting to be in an authentic relationship. Best advice here is to just stick to your gut!

4 Be Honest about How You Feel

Ever hear the phrase honesty is the best policy? Well when it comes to not playing mind games with guys, this is your number priority. Don't be afraid to tell him how you feel or what you want. Again, I'm not saying to over do it by confessing your love to him after the second date, but don't keep him in the dark that you like him. If you hold yourself too far back he's going to get mad and just walk away. Take it from my experience. In the gaming world you never let him know he has you, but in a relationship, when you both are falling for each other it's important to share that knowledge no matter how scary or weird it is.

5 Yourself is Enough

A guy can pick up on you playing him right away. They have a keen sense of when a girl is screwing with their minds. Just be yourself, because that's when he will fall for you the hardest. Don't sit there and try to manipulate your poor dude. He will run out the door faster than you can blink. Just be yourself and trust that it's enough.

6 Go with Your Gut

When you aren't trying to play mind games with guys you're usually going off trusting your instincts. Underneath all the over-analyzing, questioning, and copious amounts of girl talk, there is this intuitive feeling inside you that knows the answer to all the questions you are asking. Always go with your gut. That will be your solution if you have any fears about using any of the other things listed in this article.

Dr-Roland is a contradiction to #7 Guys don't like to chase ...

7 Let's Talk about Sex

Last but not least, let's have the birds and the bees talk. I always say to hold off on sexual things when you want the boy to stick around. The chase factor is extremely important, but when it comes to someone who likes you and wants to be with you more than one time, he isn't going to walk away just because he got your pants off. If you want to have sex with your crush on the first date, do it; if you want to wait till the tenth date then wait. What's important is that you aren't putting your sexual experiences on a timeline just because of some rules. If he really likes you he will stick around no matter when you guys get busy. Just remember to base your sexual experiences off your comfort level.

So girls, there you have 7 ways to not play mind games. These are here to help guide you into finding a relationship based on honesty instead of manipulation. I know how hard it can be to throw out all your hard work on coming up with some awesome mind games for boys, but when it comes to wanting more then just some fling give these ways a shot and see what happens. I know I definitely don't regret it!

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