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7 Things Guys do That You Shouldn't Overanalyze ...

By Holly

Whether we have a crush on a guy or have been in a relationship with him for years, we overanalyze the little things that he says and does. Of course, some of the things that we focus on are ridiculous. Most of the time, the things that you're worried about mean nothing and are only causing you unnecessary stress. Here are some of the most common things we worry about when we shouldn't:

1 His Short Texts

If it takes him an hour to text you back, it doesn't mean that he's at a party with hot women swarming around him. He might've just been taking a shower. If he responds with "k" after you typed a paragraph of text, it doesn't mean he wants the conversation to end. Some people are just bad at keeping the conversation flowing.

2 His Glances at Girls

If you see him staring at your waitress for a little too long, it might be because she looks familiar or because she's wearing a bracelet with the name of his favorite band. Of course, he might just find her attractive, and that's okay! You look at other men all the time. It doesn't mean you like him less.

3 His Compliments

If he calls you pretty today, but called you beautiful yesterday, you shouldn't freak out. A compliment is a compliment. You should be happy that he's saying something nice about you instead of trying to find something ridiculous to worry about.

4 His Moans

If he occasionally moans when you kiss him, but isn't moaning at the moment, it doesn't mean you've lost your touch. You don't make noises every single time you find something enjoyable, do you? Stop worrying about whether or not he's enjoying the taste of your lips. If he didn't like what you were doing, he'd push you away. Otherwise, there's 100% chance he's loving it all.

5 His FB Friends

We all know that Facebook friends aren't real friends. If he adds some girl from work that you don't want him associating with, don't freak out. They probably aren't going to post on each other's walls and have private chats. They're simply able to see each other's pages now. That's it.

6 His Browser History

There's no reason to go through your man's browser history. You'll probably find something that you won't like, but it's probably something that doesn't really make a difference to your relationship. Unless he's showing signs of cheating or destructive behavior, let his private things stay private.

7 His Friends' Knowledge

How much do his friends know about you? If he never texts them about how wonderful you are, you shouldn't freak out. He might just be shy about relationships. On the other hand, if his friends know all about your latest date, don't assume that it means your boyfriend is madly in love with you. He could just be a big gossip who likes to hear himself talk.

You'll get sick from stress if you overanalyze everything that your man does. It's hard not to worry about boys when it's all you've done since you were a child, but you're going to have to learn how to calm yourself down if you want a relationship to work. Do you always overanalyze every little thing that your boyfriend or crush does?

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