14 Types of Men All Girls Need to Avoid No Matter the Costs ...


14 Types of Men All Girls Need to Avoid No Matter the Costs ...
14 Types of Men All Girls Need to Avoid No Matter the Costs ...

There are so many different types of men you should steer clear of. In most cities, women outnumber men. There are so many of us, and so few of them. Just because the pickings might sometimes be a tad bit too slim, don’t date someone who isn’t worth your time. Here are 14 types of men you should steer clear of.

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The Momma’s Boy

facial expression, black and white, monochrome photography, monochrome, emotion, The momma’s boy falls in the category of the types of men you should steer clear of. Yes, it’s endearing when a man is close with his family. But, momma’s boy is too close with his family. You know he’s bad news when he calls his mom to help him make any and all decisions. It’s a huge red flag when his mom is the most important person in his life.


Immaturity often plagues the classic momma's boy. Any woman in his life will forever play second fiddle to his omnipresent mother. When mom's apron strings become the unbreakable chains holding back his development into an independent adult, it's a signal for potential partners to proceed with caution. Enmeshment in such a relationship is synonymous with playing a never-ending, exhausting tug-of-war with his maternal figure for the spotlight in his life, a competition that's healthier to avoid than engage in.


The Drama King

, You’ll know you’ve met this type when he freaks out over every little thing. To him, everything is a big deal. Drama should be his middle name. The drama king adds more stress to your life than needed.


The Overly Physical Guy

screenshot, muscle, fictional character, The overly physical guy is charming. Like, really, really charming. He’s very touchy feely, and always wants you to come to his apartment. His idea of a perfect date involves something physical.


The Unemployed Man

sense, Part of being a grown up is having a job. If he can’t keep a job, how is he expected to keep a woman?


The Commitment Phobe

person, The Commitment Phobe loves the chase. He comes on strong, and then be pulls back. He’s never fully available. The commitment phobe is really good at wooing and charming you, but he’s almost a bit shut down. He never fully opens up.


Mr. Self Absorbed

screenshot, Mr. Self Absorbed is extra suave. He looks so good some people think he could be a model. He spends more time getting ready than you do. He checks out his hair non-stop. He’s in love…with himself.


The Flirt

singing, singer, The guy who will flirt with anything, anywhere, anytime is known as The Flirt. As long as it’s a woman, he’ll manage to charm her.


The Married Man

hair, face, person, blond, mouth, The Married Man is known for being manipulative. He’ll have 100 excuses of why he’s still married. He’ll make you believe that he’s in a loveless marriage. He’ll tell you stories so you feel bad for him. The chance of a married man leaving his wife is slim to none.


The Boss

person, hairstyle, professional, I can see how dating your boss, if he’s single, could seem kind of sexy. You would probably get promoted instantaneously and receive special treatment at work. Who knows, you might even get your own office. But, it’s a huge risk. So, unless he’s «wifing you up», dating your boss is a terrible idea.


The Gossip

person, hairstyle, Any man who gossips more than you do is someone to run away from, literally. If all he can talk about is other people, stay far, far away.


Your Best Friends Ex

mouth, emotion, romance, interaction, There’s never a good reason to date your best friend’s ex. breaks all the rules of girl code. The same way bros before hos applies to men, women have a certain loyalty to each other. If you want to keep your friends, stay away from their ex’s.


Any Friend of Your Ex

person, Dating a friend of your ex isn’t as bad as dating your best friends ex, but its still a no-no. There are tons of men you can date who have no ties to your ex. Besides, once the relationship is on the fast track to becoming serious, you would have to run into your ex. That wouldn’t be very fun, now would it?


A Friend of Your Parents

hair, red, hairstyle, toy, special effects, Some women have a daddy complex. They like dating older men because it makes them feel safe and secure. Thankfully, I’m not one of those girls. Believe me, my parents are thrilled about it. If you’re into dating older men, your parent’s best friend is one man you should stay away from. How creepy would it be to sleep with someone that hobnobs with the parentals? Just thinking about it gives me the heebie jeebies.


Your Professor

beauty, Becoming involved with your professor, assuming he’s single, is almost as bad as dating your boss. At least the professor is only your teacher for one semester. But, its highly risky and probably against all school rules. After all, every time you received an A, wouldn’t you wonder if it was your skills in the classroom or the bedroom that earned you your grade?

So ladies, now that you know the men you shouldn’t date, stay away from them! They can only cause you trouble. Instead, go out with nice guys, not bad ones. Feel free to comment and let me know which of these types of men you’ve come across!

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My guy does seasonal and doesn't work during the winter. But that's something we've decided on

The " God's gift to women " and " I'm not easy to catch" type is just a pain . Suppose you can say they are Narcissus type but I once dated a younger man who really thought he was a superb catch for the " right" woman. Just never grew up and I was relieved when some other more patient woman caught him !

What an awesome article. So legit, too, by including the rents friends and professor. Fun read

It all depends really. You can date your friends ex if you really think you'll be great together or not, I mean despite the awkwardness for some people, it could work out. You can be with any guy if you think about it, if you've got good intentions and if you're honest.

Mate there any decent men left. I'm sure many women have dated one or more of these type of guys I know I have.

I'm a teenager who has been with a friends ex now for 2 years and we're very happy together and I'm still friends with the girl, if you handle it well and wait until both parties are completely over it, it can be done

There are peeps who cannot keep a job - simply because of the economic depression. Shouldn't label them all as immature:)

i steer the wheel

Watch out for the cheating rats!!!

I disagree with 12. I am currently dating a friend of my ex and since we're all adults we worked out our problems and it's actually the best relationship I've ever been in. I think as long as you are honest with yourself and the people around you a situation like that shouldn't be too difficult.

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