Every Guy Loves a Kind Compliment ...

By Alicia

These are things every guy loves to hear. There are specific things that make a guy feel loved just like there are specific things that make you as a woman feel loved. You probably love to hear that he thinks you’re beautiful or how he’s always dreamed of meeting someone like you. These statements are kind of the equivalent of those, they're just things every guy loves to hear.

Table of contents:

  1. “i love how strong you are.”
  2. “i’m proud of you.”
  3. “you make me feel like a princess.”
  4. “you’re amazing.”
  5. “i admire you.”
  6. “you’re my hero.”
  7. “thank you.”

1 “I Love How Strong You Are.”

One of the things every guy loves to hear is that you notice his strength and appreciate it. He wants to know you know he’s strong enough to protect you if the situation ever arises. This may not make perfect sense to you but trust me on this one. Try it out and watch his reaction. Most likely, he’ll stand a little taller after this compliment.

2 “I’m Proud of You.”

If your guy has done great at something, tell him that. Tell him how proud you are of his accomplishments. He’ll love to hear this coming from the woman he loves. I think this is a compliment that both sexes appreciate. It’s always good to know that your partner notices what a great job you’ve done.

3 “You Make Me Feel like a Princess.”

Your guy wants to know he’s doing a good job as your boyfriend or husband. Your happiness actually matters a lot to him. If you aren’t sure about this, ask him and listen to his answer. Most likely he’ll tell you that your happiness means everything to him or give you an answer that’s very similar. Telling him that he makes you feel like a princess lets him know he’s a success at being your man.

4 “You’re Amazing.”

Who doesn’t love to be told they’re amazing? If your man is, tell him so. It’ll boost his confidence and make him feel loved. Compliments are important in relationships. They’re positive communications that send the message that everything’s going well.

5 “I Admire You.”

Guys thrive on admiration and respect. They’re wired differently than we are. We want to hear how much they love us and in what specific ways. While your guy likes that, he also loves to hear all the things you admire about him. So make his day and tell him the specific things about him that impress you.

6 “You’re My Hero.”

You may feel a little silly saying this but he’ll love it. If he’s come to your rescue when you’re locked out of your apartment or your car’s broken down on the side of the road then he’s your hero, so tell him so. Men love to save the day. And let’s admit it, we’re really grateful when they do. It’s not that we can’t handle situations on our own but sometimes it’s really nice when our guy does it for us.

7 “Thank You.”

This is so very simple that it doesn’t seem like it should make the list. But the truth is that appreciation is big for a guy. They want to know you appreciate things they do for you and a simple thank you means a lot. Next time he stops at the store to pick up your favorite soda or some ibuprofen for you, make sure to thank him and give him your beautiful smile. He would happily climb mountains for that response from you.

It’s your turn. What things make your guy light up? Share your secrets with me!

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