7 Sweet Compliments Guys Take the Wrong Way ...


7 Sweet Compliments Guys Take the Wrong Way ...
7 Sweet Compliments Guys Take the Wrong Way ...

It may seem strange, but there are quite a few sweet compliments guys take the wrong way. While all guys aren't offended by seemingly simply compliments, others get huffy or pout for a while. I know you don't mean anything bad by these compliments guys take the wrong way, but apparently they tend to rub the male ego the wrong. Don't get offended if your guy gets a little mad over these. Instead, just laugh it off.

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I'm Shocked How Well You Did Something

One of the biggest compliments guys take the wrong way is when you tell him you're shocked by how well or quickly he did something. Guys like to feel as if you have confidence in their abilities. It sounds like a compliment, but he hears it as an insult. He thinks you don't appreciate what he did. Instead, tell him thank you and how much you appreciate him.


Thanks for Trying

Maybe you really are thanking him for trying to do something you normally handle. Sure, he might not have done it the way you would have, but thanking him for “trying” instantly makes him feel not good enough. He just wants to help. If you want him to keep trying to help, thank him and at some point show him how you prefer things to be done. After all, you definitely want him eager to help out with household chores, right?


You're like Another Girlfriend

This genuine compliment comes in many forms, but the result is the same. Your guy doesn't want to be considered your girlfriend. He wants to be your man. Obviously, you mean you love being able to talk to him about anything. All he hears is how he's being compared to a bunch of girls he doesn't understand. I know he should take it as a compliment, but the fragile male egos are shattered by this one.


You're so Cute

We've all said this at one point or another. We think it's a compliment. A guy thinks it's an annoying insult. Think about it his way for a second. Guys are supposed to be big and strong. Cute implies little and adorable. While he might really be cute, maybe sweet or handsome is a better compliment. Odds are, your guy won't take it the wrong way after you explain what you mean. Of course, he'll prefer if you don't say it around his friends.


I Love You, but

With this one, I kind of side with the guys. Adding a “but” to something as sweet as I love you isn't exactly a compliment. The moment you say “but,” the guy knows something is wrong. Maybe you're just trying to sweetly tell him you didn't like something or to do something a different way. It sounds more like you're scolding him than complimenting. Just tell him what you need to say without trying to mask it as a compliment.


You're so Romantic

I know, how could a guy ever take this one the wrong way. The secure guys actually do take this the right way. Insecure guys feel like romantic gestures are something women do. Even if they are romantic, they don't like being told they are. The feel like they're suddenly whipped if you're going on and on about how sweet and romantic something is. If you're guy is like this, just tell him thank you instead.


You Look Good No Matter What

Yes, even guys take this compliment the wrong way. While you might truly mean your guy is super sexy no matter what he's wearing or if he puts on a little weight, your guy doesn't believe you. He suddenly feels insecure, much like we do when we hear this compliment. Give him a long kiss instead the next time he starts complaining about his looks. This will take his mind off the problem and it's a great compliment.

Sometimes guys aren't quite as secure as we think. Our sweet compliments are often taken the wrong way. It's up to us to help guys realize we don't mean them in a bad way. What compliments has your guy went off the deep end about?

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I actually disagree about telling him he's romantic. I think he likes to know his girlfriend finds him or his gesture romantic. At least my guy does lol. I always think that if you have something nice to say to your guy just say it and don't hesitate to show appreciation. No one can take these things the wrong way :)

Oooops I always say the your so cute 😉

I always say your so cute

I disagree about the your so cute. If I am telling a guy this then I like him.

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