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Yes Men Love Boobs but Why?

By Neecey

It’s an indisputable fact that they do, but do you know the reasons men love boobs so much? Even if a man professes to be a “leg man” or an “ass man”, he’s never going to be turned off by a pair of boobs – no matter their shape or size. But it’s more than just an infatuation or a sexual attraction. There’s some jolly good reasons men love boobs so much.

1 Men like Using Boobs as a Pillow

Boobs are a great place for men to rest their heads and (ahem) other body parts and one of the many reasons men love boobs. Besides the fact that they are soft, warm and cushy, it’s very comforting for men to rest their heads on a woman’s chest. Of course, this can be sexually motivated or not. Often it’s one of the first steps of arousal, or a way to wind down after sex, but sometimes, it’s just about the feeling of love and acceptance, especially after a hard day or emotional challenge.

2 Female Bonding

Not that men are really thinking about this, but men in the act of stimulating a woman’s breast may actually be creating a more sold bond with her. When babies are nursing, women’s brains release a chemical called oxytocin, a feel-good chemical that causes the woman to have affection for her nursing baby. This action is thought to be mimicked when men suckle as a woman’s breast. In any event, it’s a great excuse for lingering around the nipples.

3 They Send Signals

Just like males have certain “signals” they give if they are sexually stimulated (the telltale “bulge” that tells women that a man’s happy to see her), women have them too, only they are slightly more subtle. Women’s boobs respond to stimulation, but they also respond if the woman is attracted to the man she’s near or wants to have sex. Of course, she could be thinking about someone else, or she could just be cold. Better to clarify before assuming anything!

4 They Are Uniquely Feminine

There’s something about boobs that are, well, so very female. If the man is a healthy heterosexual, this is precisely one of the qualities men are attracted to. The size and shape only matter in the context of a man’s particular preferences, but essentially, a boob is a boob and boobs scream femininity. Better yet if they are one aspect of a body that has curves in all the right places.

5 They Jiggle and Move

Men love the way boobs shake when a girl moves, bounce around when she runs or jumps, or sway gently as she dances. They are femininity in motion, and they draw a man’s attention when they do their little dance. Women jumping for joy? Little do they know how much joy they are actually giving!

6 They’re a Great Handle

Let’s face it; there are certain positions during sex where the boobs are pretty darned convenient. They are often perfectly placed to hold on during certain movements that might otherwise knock both lovers off the bed. Since they are a sensitive part of the body, women often appreciate being caressed (or grabbed, as it were) during sex.

7 Creating Intimacy

There is nothing more intimate to a man than being able to explore regions on a woman’s body hidden from the rest of the world. Exploration and discovery of the private areas, like the boobs, makes guys feel very close to their lover because he has been allowed to go somewhere so intimate.

8 Boobs Make Us Feel Better

Seriously. There are studies that show how having pets makes people live longer and happier lives. However, studies also show that looking at breasts for 15 minutes a day has similar effects on men. Boobs aren’t equivalent to any of our furry friends; but men nuzzle up to them in similar ways, don’t they? While many renounce these studies as false or nonexistent, why take chances?

9 Cleavage

To men, cleavage is like a flower to a bee. While it’s not nectar itself, it’s the promise of nectar. It gives men a good outline of what’s underneath that sweater or t-shirt, and that’s pretty much always an attraction. It’s no accident that the flurry of men around a nice looking girl showing ample cleavage is sometimes compared to bees buzzing around a flower. Just watch that stinger.

Boobs, tits, knockers, bazookas, fun bags, puppies, love pillows … whatever you call them, men love them. Why does your man love yours? Why not ask him!

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