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How to Have Better Sex This Valentines Day ...

By Sici

It might not be the same way for everyone, but for me, Valentine’s Day and sex are two things that pretty much go hand in hand! The aim is to have a great date with your partner and top it off with a great sex session. Seeing as we live in the real world rather than an ideal world, sex isn’t always great, no matter how much we want it to be! Don’t fear, though, I’m armed with some great tips to make sure your evening goes off without a hitch. Here is how to have better sex this Valentine’s Day!

Table of contents:

  1. Games
  2. Watch porn together
  3. Change location
  4. Dominant
  5. New toys
  6. Flavours

1 Games

Make the evening different from the ordinary by playing lots of fun sex games rather than just jumping straight into bed and getting down to it. Things like strip poker, sexy truth or dare etc. can make everything seem more exciting!

2 Watch Porn Together

Don’t knock it until you have tried it! More women watch porn more regularly than they would like to admit, so watching some sexy movies together with a partner can really build the sexual tension between you. It will no doubt give you a few ideas to try out over the course of the Valentine’s evening!

3 Change Location

Move your sexy times away from the bedroom where they always usually take place and inject some fun and excitement into the evening by having sex in places that you usually don’t! Hotel, Air BnB, even outdoors in a suitably discreet location!

4 Dominant

If you’re partner is usually the one who takes the lead, then surprise him by turning the tables and acting out your very own dominatrix fantasy! If your normal sex life is the other way round and it’s you who takes charge generally, then hand the reigns over to him and see what happens!

5 New Toys

Not enough couples enjoy the benefits of sex toys together in the bedroom! Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to gift each other some new fun ones, and then use them together to reach maximum satisfaction!

6 Flavours

Have some fun with testing out things like flavoured lube and flavoured condoms. It adds some fun and silliness to your lovemaking, and it certainly brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘taste test’!

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