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6 Ways to Make Him Want More after a One Night Stand ...

By Sici

One night stands. Most of us have had them, and I don’t see them as anything to be ashamed of at all! It’s nice to let your hair down and have some no strings attached fun once in a while, but what about those times when you really click with the guy and end up wanting more than just that one evening of passion? Here are some ways to make him want after a one night stand.

1 Blow His Mind

The most important thing to do is to make sure you do is blow his mind in bed! Men are simple creatures so if they have the best sex of their lives, they aren’t going to want to give it up easily! Absolutely rock his world under the sheets and there is no way that he is going to want to call it a day after one solitary encounter.

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2 Be Interesting

Sex is a big part of it, but it will also help if you can be interesting and engaging outside of the bedroom too! Make jokes, ask him questions about his hobbies, make him feel like he really has a connection with you that he wants to explore on a different day, meaning another date!

3 Cooperate

Try not to take complete control of the date and the one night stand, because most guys don’t like to feel like that are just being pushed around and being made to do things that they don’t want to do. Build a rapport and take turns being the dominant one, both in conversation and in bed!

4 Be Kind

Don’t adopt a sort of femme fatale persona. It might be sexy in the moment but if he doesn’t feel like he is being treated well and kindly, he won’t be interested in seeing you again after this one night. It’s always better to just be yourself!

5 Shared Values

Take a little bit of time between your one night stand activities to talk about your values and core beliefs. If you hit on some important common ground, then it will build a connection between the two of you that he would be stupid not to want to explore further.

6 Text

Don’t be afraid to text him after the initial one night stand. Send a quick message to say how much you enjoyed yourself. You never know, he might have been waiting for you to get in touch before thinking about making a move!

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