10 Roads to Take That Lead to Better Sex ...


10 Roads to Take That Lead to Better Sex ...
10 Roads to Take That Lead to Better Sex ...

There is no getting away from the fact that sex and sexual satisfaction is a huge part of most relationships. When you can pleasure your partner and be pleasured just as well in return, it definitely makes for a much happier and contented camp! If you feel the same way but have recently been having a few small problems in that department, then all it takes it a few new tips and tricks to ignite the spark once again! Here are 10 routes to better sex.

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Half of being good in bed is having the right attitude and enthusiasm! The ultimate turn on for a guy is having a woman who make him feel like his skills are the best she has ever experienced. Nothing like stroking a big ego!



Guys love to know that they are doing a good job, so it will turn him on even more if he can audibly hear you telling him what you love and how good he is making you feel.



Sometimes relationships can get into a routine of the guy always having to ask for sex and get the ball rolling when he is horny. Turn the tables and blow his mind initiating sex for yourself once in a while; it’s all wrapped up in the notion of making him feel wanted!


Take Control

Turn the tables in a different way by taking control of things in the bedroom. Test out what happens when you try to be the dominant one in the sheets, you just might find that it is something he has been waiting for!



Women make extra noise in porn for a reason, it turns men on! I’m not saying you need to scream the house down, but there is no denying that being loud and vocal during sex is much sexier than staying silent.



It can be a real turn on for a guy if you take the initiative and instruct him on what you want him to do to you. He wants to please you as much as you want to please him, and your reactions to his efforts will drive him wild!



Confidence is one of the sexiest qualities that a woman can have, so take confidence from the fact that your man is crazy about you and about your body, and exude that sexy swagger in the bedroom!


Carry yourself with the knowledge that your self-assurance is an aphrodisiac in itself. Let that inner radiance shine through every movement and every touch. You don't need to be loud or forceful; sometimes, the most profound confidence is in the subtleties—the way you lock eyes, the gentle assertiveness of your actions, or the playful banter that leads to an electric connection. Embrace the skin you're in and watch how it turns the heat up, making every encounter not just intimate, but unforgettably thrilling.



Try out the kind of role play where you are dedicated to completely worshipping him. Again, this is all to do with stroking that ego, but it will definitely get him hot under the collar on a sexy power trip!



Don’t be scared to try out new and adventurous things in the bedroom. Ask him if there are things he would like to try, and get down to what you are both happy with!


Don’t Fake It

Even if it takes a little sexy instruction on your part, you should always try to climax with his help. It’s a huge turn on for a guy to know that he has done his job and given you the best satisfaction!

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