Are You Being the Abuser in Your Relationships

By Heather

Relationships are never easy, being with someone else is never easy and sometimes, fights happen. What do you do in a fight? While you might not physically abuse your spouse, do you think about their emotions? Emotional abuse is just as hard as physical abuse and you could be doing it and not even know it.

Table of contents:

  1. do you choose your words carefully?
  2. name calling is never, ever okay
  3. you don't know how to control your temper
  4. you've learned every trigger and you use them over and over again
  5. mind games are something that you play often
  6. you never realize the impact of what you've said
  7. … you just think that apologizing makes up for it
  8. your partner prays to just fly away
  9. … but feels trapped under your thumb
  10. you never try to change
  11. you never notice the pain that you inflict on anyone else
  12. it can also hurt your children, but you don't see that
  13. every single day in the relationship is a struggle for your partner
  14. … even on the good days
  15. the good days never last though
  16. the fighting always comes back and the abuse always comes back
  17. they still love you … and just take it because you are the love of their life

1 Do You Choose Your Words Carefully?

2 Name Calling is Never, Ever Okay

3 You Don't Know How to Control Your Temper

4 You've Learned Every Trigger and You Use Them over and over Again

5 Mind Games Are Something That You Play Often

6 You Never Realize the Impact of What You've Said

7 … You Just Think That Apologizing Makes up for It

8 Your Partner Prays to Just Fly Away

9 … but Feels Trapped under Your Thumb

10 You Never Try to Change

11 You Never Notice the Pain That You Inflict on Anyone else

12 It Can Also Hurt Your Children, but You Don't See That

13 Every Single Day in the Relationship is a Struggle for Your Partner

14 … Even on the Good Days

15 The Good Days Never Last Though

16 The Fighting Always Comes Back and the Abuse Always Comes Back

17 They Still Love You … and Just Take It Because You Are the Love of Their Life

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