11 Awesome Sex Tips for a Cancer ...

By Heather

11 Awesome Sex Tips for a Cancer ...

If you're dating a Cancer, you're going to want to know all of the top sex tips for a Cancer that will really drive your partner insane, aren't you? I've scoured everywhere for the top sex tips for a Cancer that will really help you figure out exactly what your partner wants, what they need and what they love! For example, did you know that they need reassurance that they are still sexy to you? You might not know that if you don't read below.

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1 The Chest is the Place to Touch

person,muscle, The top place to touch a Cancer is their chest. Running your hand up and down their chest, really exploring that entire area is going to get them going as it is one of their hot spots. This is one of the best sex tips for a Cancer out there – as you can start seducing them by simply kissing, nipping and biting at their chest. How awesome is that?

2 Reassure Them

hair,pink,blond,hairstyle,beauty, I already mentioned the assurance piece in the intro, but it's so, so important for you to constantly reassure them that you like what your partner is doing and that you also share exactly what you like. They want to know and they want you to feel just as good as they feel. They like to be vocal about their likes and wants too, so listen to them.

3 Likes to Experiment

hair,clothing,finger,mouth,undergarment, The greatest thing about this particular sign is that they absolutely love to experiment. So if you are into bondage and you don't know how that is going to go over with your Cancer partner, try it! Bring it up with them. They want to not just try everything new, but they might have some desires of their own that might pique your interests.

4 Nudism

barechestedness,person,male,man,muscle, The Cancer sign is one sign that absolutely loves to be nude. They are super into nudism and they love to be naked in front of their partner. You have to watch out for this one though, because you have to reassure them that their body is enough, that they are absolutely what you want in a man or woman.

5 Kissing, Cuddling & Spooning Are Musts

darkness,hand,finger,human body, The romantic side of this sign is all about kissing, cuddling and spooning. This can be before, after or especially during sex. This all boils down to their insecurity that they aren't good enough, so make sure that you are constantly touching, constantly cuddling and constantly kissing your Cancer!

6 Role Playing is Needed

person,grass family, Ah, it seems like a lot of the signs are into role playing, aren't they? This sign especially absolutely loves to role play. They want to pretend to be in situations and try to get out of them. They like the imagination and the creativity behind role playing. They want it to mean something.

7 French Kissing is a Must

human action,black and white,black,person,image, Remember how I mentioned kissing and cuddling? Well, this particular sign is all about the tongue, all about French kissing and all about the need to have something in their mouth. They love to make out and they absolutely get off on French kissing in general!

8 Vocal

face,facial expression,person,woman,photography, When you are with a Cancer, they don't want to settle for just anyone. They want their partner to be vocal about what they like and what they need. They want to be in tune with exactly what your needs are too, so keep that in mind.

9 Sharing

human action,person,people,mouth,interaction, Sharing experiences, sharing best sex practices and sharing how hard or soft you like it is a must when you are with a Cancer. This particular sign is very nurturing and giving and they never, ever want their partner to be so ahead of them.

10 Spice & Excitement

performance,singing, With a Cancer, you cannot let things get dull and boring. Instead, you need to keep it spicy and need to keep the excitement level completely up! Try a different spot, catch your partner in the shower -- surprise them when they wake up. So many possibilities.

11 Try Spontaneous Locations

black and white,monochrome photography,gentleman,I've,got, Finally, the last tip all boils down to the locations that you are going to have sex -- why not try it somewhere you've never tried before? This particular sign loves surprises like that!

So, there you have it. All of my top sex tips for a Cancer that will make your sex life amazing! So – what other sex tips do you have to share? Give it all up in the comments, guys and gals.

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Scorpio please!!!!!

Someone went on that one website....

Ha, I'm a cancer and I'm pro-nudism. These are straight on!

OMG I am a cancer and these are so true about me

on point.

Everyone one of them is true for me except instead of my chest it's my neck

Would like tips for Capricorn :D

YUP!!! Dead on! We melt when our hair is played with too!

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